Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Those with Wanderlust

Finding the right gift for all those on your list can seem impossible. Searching for sales, battling traffic, and standing in line after line can leave you feeling more frustrated than jolly. Save time and energy with this helpful gift guide for all your globetrotting friends and family this year. Whether they have a trip already planned or needs a little nudge to get them out the door, these handy gifts are just what you need to appeal to their wanderlust.


Travel Mug



From weekday commutes to week-long road trips, eco-friendly, refillable mugs are perfect for coffee, water, and wine. Pick one up in their favorite color, or one that has a catchy slogan that suits their ever-moving spirit, and fill it with sample packets of gourmet coffee, their go-to tea, or even some hot chocolate.


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Personalized Luggage Tag



A personalized luggage tag adds class to air or bus travels. If you don’t travel with your giftee, these tags are a sweet little reminder that you’re awaiting their safe return. Featuring their name and other personal information either printer or laser engraved, you can get these in a unique design that will help them find their bags even faster.


 Sleep Mask


Give your frequent flyers the gift of restful Z’s. Sleep masks are a must-have for traveling because they can block the lights of a plane’s interior, city lights flashing by a bus or car window, and even come in handy later at the hotel. No matter the time of day, your friend or family member can get much needed shut-eye so they’re ready for whatever their adventures bring.


Travel Set of Makeup Brushes



A travel set of makeup brushes allows your favorite globetrotter to be streamlined and still enjoy all the comforts of home while abroad. Choose a set that includes a handy pouch or bag so she can keep the brushes clean and organized in her luggage, then add the brushes to a spa basket along with face masks, bath bombs and body oil, or maybe even a bottle of wine for a little something she can enjoy now and later.


Comfortable & Chic Travel



The key to surviving long travel days is to dress comfortably, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. This year, wrap up some cozy vests, loose-fitting tops, or even accessories like travel wallets or hats that are effortless, comfy, and always on-trend. Give the gift of fashion they can wear all day and they’ll love you for it.





Comfort is the name of the game here. Anyone who has ever traveled wearing a bra (sorry fellas) knows the annoyance that comes with it. Make a cute bralette part of your wanderer’s travel outfit (or beach ensemble) and remove the pain of digging straps, pesky underwires, and re-adjustments from her life. Not only will she feel more comfortable, but it’s stylish as well.


Weekender Bag



No one likes to check their bags, and with a weekender bag, now the traveler on your list won’t have to. Perfect for overnights, long weekend trips, and multiple outfit changes, these carry-on friendly duffles hold everything they will need. Find one in a tough canvas or supple leather to ensure it will go with them on all their future trips.


Travel Journal 



Give someone with wanderlust a place to dream of future vacations, sketch the sights and people they come across during their travels, and document their thoughts along the way. Help them keep their memories safeguarded in a travel journal and there is a good chance they’ll share their stories with you when they return.


Pocketed Scarves or Belt Bags



Help them avoid overstuffed pockets and lose the need to carry a backpack with them all the time. Pocketed scarves or belt bags are functional, fashionable, multi-purpose items that all travelers love. These are perfect for day trips, exploring cities, and nature hikes around the world.


A Good Book!


Traveling has tons of downtime and, at some point, a traveler gets tired of staring at their phone screen. Whether they’re waiting at the airport, have a long flight, or are enjoying a relaxing vacation (maybe oceanfront), a good book can transport them away from the bustle before their own adventure even begins!


Everyone loves to travel, but the packing and discomfort that comes with it, not so much. This year, give the gift that allows that special explorer to step out of their comfort zone and into the unknown!

Alex Payne

Alex Payne

Alex is a Toronto-based writer, author and DJ. When she's not playing music at Toronto venues like Mod Club or River Bar at Budweiser Stage, she's probably either writing sci-fi novels or having a horror movie binge.