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This holiday season we’ll be mixing things up again, cocktail wise, and Jack Daniels has created just the thing for the occasion; their new Tennessee Rye.

With 151 years of whisky making experience, the Jack Daniel Distillery had definitely earned the cred to create a rye whisky in its own signature way – spicy yet smooth, great on its own, but also makes a fine cocktail. So fine in fact that it merited its own competition.  Canada’s bartenders honoured Jack with 21 cocktails that cover every occasion.  All 21 cocktails were presented to Jack Daniel’s and Canadians across the country during the first three weeks of November and these were the three cocktails that won the people’s choice award for the best holiday cocktail!

Bright yellow alcohol cocktail garnished with rosemary and cinnamon set on fire on black background

Something About Christmas

1.5 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye

0.5 oz. Amaro

1.0 oz. Cinnamon Honey Syrup

0.75 oz. Fresh Lemon

Muddled rosemary

Garnish with toasted rosemary and cinnamon stick


To make cinnamon honey, click here. Pour cinnamon honey into a shaker tin and gently muddle it with the rosemary. Add all other ingredients and ice. Shake to dilution and double strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

Mulled wine with spices and christmas decoration on wooden background

Uncle Jack’s House (image)

1.5 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye

0.5 oz. Herradura Reposado Tequila

0.5 oz. Earl Grey tea / Passion fruit/ Orange sports drink reduction

3 oz. Tropical Blend Juice

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Top with Ginger Beer


To make Early Grey reduction, click here. Add all ingredients and ice into a shaker tin, shake and pour into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer.


Jackoriander (image)

1.5 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye

2 oz. Apple juice

0.5 oz. Passion fruit syrup

0.75 oz. Lemon juice

Fresh Cilantro

Ginger ale


Pour passion fruit syrup (available at specialty grocery stores) into a shaker tin and gently muddle it with the cilantro. Add ice and all other ingredients except ginger ale. Shake and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Top with ginger ale.



For the full list of recipes, click here.  Please drink responsibly, and happy holidays!

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Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly

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