hims and hers: making access to medical care easy (and less awkward)

We’ve all got them; those little things that we’re shy about, no matter how mature we may be, especially when it comes to our physical health.  Whether it’s talking to a doctor about an uncomfortable personal health issue, or picking up an awkward prescription, there are some cringeworthy things we must do for our health.  But what if there was a way to take the cringe out of personal care?

Meet hims and hers.

In the simplest terms, hims and hers is a telehealth platform, catering to the personal care needs of male and female identifying individuals.  It’s a concept that’s beautiful in its earnestness and simplicity:  to provide men and women alike with affordable access to medical advice and healthcare products, empowering them to look and feel their very best.

Accessibility in every sense of the word

Because clients access hims and hers services through their websites, barriers such as physical accessibility, financial affordability, family pressure or social anxiety can be removed. With transparent, up-front pricing, it’s much easier to reach out for medical advice without worrying about a surprise bill.  There’s no need to overcome lack of accessibility to the doctor’s office or pharmacy, to get that hair loss treatment you might need..  There’s no arguing with your conservative family about access to birth control.   And there’s no averting one’s gaze from the pharmacist while picking up that erectile dysfunction prescription.  Hims and hers have curated a welcoming, open, convenient and thoughtful approach to healthcare in the digital age.

How it works

The hims and hers websites are powered by the concept of telehealth.  Telehealth is pretty much what it sounds like; medical care accessed through telecommunications methods.  All it takes is a device in hand and an internet connection and hims and hers become your gateway to the medical care you seek.

Step 1: Choose the care you require

Hims and hers can provide care for a variety of health needs. Primary health care, sexual and reproductive health, mental health and even hair and skincare; hims and hers can care for you inside and out, all without having to leave your home.   Simply navigate to forhims.com or forhers.com and click on the type of care you’re looking for under the shop tab, then click through and begin creating your profile.


Step 2: Create your profile

Just like at a first visit at a physical doctor’s office, when using hims or hers you’ll start by providing some basic information about yourself through a simple online questionnaire. You’ll provide some background information about yourself, your health and lifestyle, and your particular concerns, all using the hims and hers secure and encrypted platform.  It’s super simple, like filling out an online survey except at the end, a medical professional  will review your information and follow-up with you about your health concern instead!


Step 3: What’s your issue?

Once all pertinent information has been provided, patients are then matched up with a licensed and qualified medical professional in their home state (providing this service is available in their state).  Once you’re matched with a medical professional, you’ll discuss your symptoms, concerns and options through your private account dashboard. After, you’ll be receiving high quality medical guidance  from the safety and convenience of your home (or wherever you’re able to access the service).  If appropriate, you’ll be prescribed a prescription treatment that will be delivered discreetly to your door.


Step 3: Access your prescription at a pharmacy near you, or delivered to your door!

Depending on your ailment or concerns, once the licensed medical professional has sorted out your Rx, it will either be sent to a pharmacy near you (in the case of the Primary Care service), or you’ll be able to purchase the prescription you need right from the hims or hers website.  The products sold on the sites cover a wide range of needs, from sexual and reproductive health, to specialized skincare and hair care needs.  Hims and hers have also begun to offer mental health aids as well.

What they’ve got

As mentioned above, hims and hers offers a variety of products curated to meet sexual, reproductive, and mental health needs, as well as hair and skincare products for men and women.  Each product comes complete with a multi layered description, providing information on what its used for, how it works and how to use it.  And it’s all packaged in a beautifully designed online shopping experience with hims and hers sophisticated and somehow comforting branding.  Shopping for your sexual health never looked so stylish.

Check out the list below to get an idea of the products you can access through hims and hers, under the appropriate medical guidance of course:


Erectile Dysfunction treatment:  hims offers access to brand name medication like Viagra and Cialis delivered right to your door with no need to ever see the inside of a doctor’s office. Click here to learn more.

Performance Anxiety Aid : if you find yourself freezing before a big presentation or struggling through a stressful time, there is Propranolol, a beta blocker that can help control the physical affects of anxiety.  Click here for more information.

Finasteride : This medication is an oral medication taken to treat male pattern baldness, slowing hair thinning and promoting new growth with regular use.  Click here for more.


Birth Control:  contraception is an extremely personal choice, so hers offers 10 different types of birth control to ensure you find the right fit for your body, delivered to your door.  If that sounds good to you, click here.

Hair Loss treatment: address any and all of your hair concerns with this affordable hair care kit that improves the hair health from root to tip, and inside and out thanks to the accompanying biotin gummies.  All these products can also be purchased separately.  Click here to add some hers products to your hair arsenal.

Anti-Aging Skincare:  as we age our skincare concerns get more complex, so hers offers a custom cream powered with Prescription tretinoin (a clinical-strength vitamin A derivative scientifically proven to improve the texture and quality of skin and appearance of fine lines.)  Click here to jump start your anti-aging routine.


Products on the hims and hers websites can now be purchased in all 50 states in the U.S. (sorry Canada, we don’t have this option).  Whether accessibility is a concern for you, or you live somewhere that doesn’t have the best access to the medical care you need, or the convenience of telemedicine suits your life, consider using out hims and hers for your medical needs and embracing a brave new way to stay healthy.   Click here to learn more about hims and click here to learn more about hers.  See below for these links as well!


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