High-End Standards: Features and Amenities to Expect in Luxury Hotels

If you’re anything like most hard-working people, you go to work every day, work hard, and try to relax on your off days. That’s the typical day-to-day work routine for most people. It gets monotonous at times, but you do it because it’s what puts food on the table and a roof over your head. But one of the biggest perks of hard work is the earned vacation time that comes with it.

Vacation time is something that’s earned on your job by working so many hours, and when most people use their vacation time, they usually make it worth their while. Whether travelling within the US or outside, people go “all-out” on their vacations and the most prominent area where they expect the most top-notch service is in their hotels.

True enough, most people who go on vacation are typically out sightseeing and going on excursions, nonetheless, when they are spending time in their hotel, they expect only the finest of amenities and features, and that’s why they opt for luxury hotels.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life, mostly when you work hard to enjoy them. If you’re a seasoned traveller and are accustomed to the luxuries of luxury hotels, then you already know what to expect. But if you’re not accustomed to the amenities and features that should come standard with luxury hotels, then grab your pen and paper and take notes; you want to experience every aspect of opulence for the money you pay.

Amenities and Features to Look For in Luxury Hotels


A Fast and Friendly First Encounter

 You’re on vacation, so that means that you’re happy, and your first encounter with your hotel should be pleasant. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, hotels have 15 minutes to “wow” guests upon their arrival.

A guest’s very first encounter with their luxury hotel will be with the valet. If the hotel doesn’t have valet, it’s probably not a luxury hotel. Most luxury hotels outsource parking management for premium valet services.

After valet, guests should expect a smooth and speedy check-in. With that, you can expect the courtesies of the check-in staff not speaking your full name or room number out loud for security and privacy measures. Someone should deliver your luggage to your room within 10 minutes of check-in.


24/7 Room Service

Luxury hotels understand that when you’re on vacation, that means there’s the potential for people to be up all hours of the night and need certain things during those atypical hours. Everything from towels and wine to fresh fruit and full-course meals, luxury hotels are very accommodating to their guests, no matter what time of day or night it is. If you look at these extravagant room service menus from some of the most prominent luxury hotels around the world, you’ll see just how high they’ve set the bar for their guests.


Hotel-Branded Bath Robes

Hotel branded robes aren’t just luxuries you see in the movies. Luxury hotels do provide their guests with plush, hotel-branded robes to use in the room, pool areas, and spas. Some hotels even allow their guest to purchase the robes.


High-Quality Furniture and Bedding 

One of the best parts of luxury hotels is probably high-quality furniture and bedding. Not only do you feel like you’re living the life of the rich and famous, but you also get the best sleep you’ve ever had in your life because the mattresses and bedding are so plush that you wake up and forget where you are!

It’s also a nice change in scenery for most people too. Luxury hotels not only have high-quality furniture and bedding, as far as comfort goes, but it also has luxurious aesthetics that you won’t typically see in the average home. Spiral staircases, gold-tipped finishes with vintage and modern flairs, and crystal chandeliers and accents are all laps of luxury that are well worth every penny you spent to stay there.


Impeccable Views

Whether you’re staying somewhere within the US or outside the US, luxury hotels are going to give guests sensational views from their room. Everything from oceans and mountains to city lights and skylines, the location of your hotel is going to play a significant role you experience from it.

In addition to the views, it’s location will play a role in its proximity to specific locations as well. Luxury hotels are typically in prime locations with access to some of the area’s best restaurants and entertainment venues.


If you’re planning a vacation in the next coming months or so, do your research on these features and amenities to determine if it is indeed a luxury hotel. You don’t want to spend your money on accommodations and not receive the full extent of luxuries that should come standard with your stay.



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