Here’s How Your Smartphone Can Make Travel More Interesting

Whatever did we do before the invention of smartphones? Thanks to these little gadgets we’re always connected- we can stay organised, keep in touch with loved ones, plan our money, plan our time and perhaps best of all- they give us something to do when we’re bored. If you travel frequently then this is something you’re bound to appreciate, as fun as travel is – the journey each way is never much fun and without things to do it can be nothing short of tedious. In flight, entertainment is never much good unless you’re on a high-end plane, and for things like car journeys, coach trips, bus trips and delays you’re pretty much stuck twiddling your thumbs without your device. Here are some of the ways your phone can help to bust boredom while you’re travelling.



Of course, you don’t need a device to be able to read- but it certainly makes it a lot easier. You could bring a book or two along but anything more than this and you’re adding serious weight to your luggage and taking up precious space in your bag. With a smartphone, you can download any book you like and have a number of them at the ready to read on your trip. If you start on one and realise it’s not your cup of tea, it’s easy to switch to something else without the need to carry lots of physical books around with you. When you get lost in a book it can kill hours, while some people can find that it makes them sick reading on a coach or bus, most are fine with reading on a plane. Plus if you’re stuck in an airport, bus station or coach station for hours it’s something you can busy yourself with.



Mobile apps are a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Instead of bringing a puzzle book with you, you could play on a puzzle app. If you wanted something with a bit more action and adventure you could install Final Fantasy XV before your trip or look into things like racing or battle apps. They will challenge you and keep you interested for a long time, they’re fun and if you have internet connection lots of apps these days can be played against others so you get the competitive element as well.



Is there a new series that everyone has been talking about, but you just haven’t had the time or chance to get around to watching yet? Maybe there’s a series that you watched years ago and are keen to watch again. Perhaps you’re more of a movie buff and have a load of your favourite films that you can rewatch and never get bored. Either way, downloading lots of things to watch onto your device will certainly keep you occupied while you’re on your travels. You can download just about any show from Amazon or the Apple store, so use the time you have to catch up on whatever you like! If you’re an avid Youtube watcher, download all of the videos you want to see onto your device and you can watch them while you’re on your journey without needing an internet connection.

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