Hayley Elsaesser X Annabelle Cosmetics

*header photo by Aly Zorn


Monday February 26th marked the official launch of Hayley Elsaesser X Annabelle Cosmetics Collaboration titled, “The Outrageous Lipstick Collection”! Hayley Elsaesser, a Toronto based fashion designer, and Annabelle, a Canadian cosmetics brand, came together to create a collection of ten beautiful, colourful lipsticks; six of these lipsticks are available online, as well as, in select stores, while four of these shades are exclusive and are currently only available online at www.hayleyelsaesser.com.

Hayley Elsaesser had a hand in not only choosing the lipstick shades, but she also designed the packaging for this line, making it one of a kind and completely iconic. When creating this line of lipsticks Hayley wanted to make a collection that has something for everyone, and she definitely succeeded! This stunning collaboration includes neutrals, as well as, bold shades, and is suitable for a range of skin tones. Eight of the shades within this collaboration are smooth satin finishes, while the other two shades are iridescent glitter finishes.

When asked why she decided to collaborate with Annabelle cosmetics, Hayley said that she respects the fact that they are a Canadian based company that does not test on animals, and offers an affordable price point to consumers.


This collaboration is so unlike anything Annabelle Cosmetics has ever done before, but it is a direction that I for one am absolutely living for! And you can bet I’m trying my hardest to collect all 10 shades before they run out.


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