ADDICTED to Love? Have Better Sex Tonight: 6 Romantic Tips

Everyone needs to find that special spark in their relationships, even if that spark is just with yourself. Having an exciting sex life doesn’t take much beyond passion, excitement, and an open mind. There’s magic hiding in the details.


Don’t be afraid to treat yourself and your partner to the little things if it means heating things up in the bedroom. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or if you’ve just started dating, here are some tips for ways to have better sex tonight.


1. Follow the Movies


We can all agree that the romantic movies we’ve grown with are a bit unrealistic. Maybe the prince won’t always save the princess in the end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relish in the romance of it all. There’s nothing better than pulling out the works to impress your partner.


Go all out with your favourite movie-inspired moves. You might cover the bed with rose petals or catch your partner off guard by playing their favourite song out their window. Set the mood for a slowed down, sensual night.


2. Use Props


Like every good movie, you might need to bring in some props as supporting roles. While they can be intimidating at first, there are a variety of sex toys for everybody and preference. It’ll be your naughty secret you share with your partner. Try lingerie, sex toys, or even just romantic music. Whatever gets you feeling hot and heavy.


3. Focus on Yourself


If you don’t know what you like, how will you be able to communicate it with your partner? Take the time to explore your own preferences. Find out what it is that really sets you off so you can direct your partner and have a better experience. Under 40% of women regularly masturbate each month, and that means a lot of people have some exploring to do. Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s important to take time to yourself.


4. Be Spontaneous


There’s nothing more alluring than being unexpectedly turned on by your partner. Look for new ways to show them you’re into them, whether that means sending texts throughout the day or letting them know that you aren’t wearing any underwear when you’re out together.


These little things add the spice to long-term relationships. They keep your passion from feeling stale and soggy. It’s always worth doing something out of the blue. What can you do for your partner to remind them you’re thinking about them?



5. Go Slow


When you have routines and chores and errands to think about, it’s easy to work quickly in the bedroom. Instead, slow things down. Hit pause on your time together and don’t just jump right into sex. Focus on yourself and your partner. Remember what it was about being a teenager that made making out so appealing. Build your anticipation starting from kissing and pushing forward. It’ll be mind-blowing.


6. Skip the Bed


There’s nothing wrong with using the bed for one of its main intended uses, but it’s also an easy way to fall into another relationship-crushing routine. Skip the bed. Challenge yourself and your partner to have sex anywhere but the bedroom. See where the passion takes you. Try new positions and just have fun. Who knows where you’ll try next now that you’ve mastered the art of exploring the world beyond your bed.


Keeping your relationship alive for years and years takes hard work. However, not all of that work has to be boring. Your bedroom is a place for exploration and excitement. These tips above will make sure you have better sex not only tonight but also for years to come.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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