Halloween Candy + Wine = Happiness

What are two things I and most of us seem to love. Sweets and wine.

Now if you’re really creative, at this time of year you’ve found ways of turning raiding a candy bag into an adult experience. Wink.

So, if you are anything like me, you’ve started pairing wine with a lot, and seeing what works and what doesn’t, so why not candy, popcorn, chips and chocolate?

“Talk of wine pairings always seems to revolve around big dinners and making sure you have the right white to go with your chicken or a bold red with your steak,” says Fiona Buchan, Director of Marketing at Lakeview Wine Co., “But why stop there? Whatever you plan on eating, sweet and/or salty snacks included, there is a wine that will enhance that flavour experience.”

So when Fiona from Lakeview Wine Co. told me all about her expertly tested candy/snack food and wine pairings, I, being the good investigator that I am, tried them out for myself.

So what did I try? Well here is what Fiona suggests for the wines you should be pouring when you are raiding trick-or-treat bags:




Mini Chocolate Bars

Most of the brand-name mini candy bars you will pull out of the bag are made with a milk chocolate, which calls for a silky red, try a VQA red blend such as the 20 Bees Cabernet Merlot that marries exceptionally well with the creamy flavour and texture of milk chocolate.

Potato Chips

From the sweet to the salty. A crisp Ontario Riesling such as the EastDell Riesling nicely cuts the saltiness and fat of a regular flavoured potato chip.

Popcorn/Candied Popcorn

Popped corn kernels — especially if they have a salty, buttery flavour — are perfect with a crisp or creamy Chardonnay, which pair very well with salty foods. Fiona suggests the McMichael Gallery Group of Seven Chardonnay with white cheddar popcorn!

Jelly Beans and Gummies

Reach for a bottle of FRESH Moscato. This fruity, flavourful wine is an amazing complement to the fruit flavours of these small, chewy candies.


Elevating the trick or treat experience one sip at a time. Cheers!

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