Graydon Clinical: From farm to face

Graydon Clinical Luxury By Nature has to be one of the best clean, eco-friendly skincare lines I’ve ever tried.

Actually, no. It’s one of the best altogether. I had the pleasure of meeting Graydon in April during the Green + Good show in Toronto, and the opportunity to chat with the mastermind herself made it clear why, upon trying her products, I was so impressed. Graydon is quirky, sassy, passionate and knowledgeable, and any question, big or small, receives a spirited response. These products are designed to be efficient multi-taskers; supernovas of soothing, nourishing and pure ingredients to treat, heal and prevent skin afflictions that we all encounter at one point or another.

Instead of using the latest skincare buzzword to peddle products like most lines do, Graydon voraciously researches and explores bioavailable, plant-derived ingredients that actually work, regardless of whether they sound exotic or glamorous. Let’s let ‘bioavailable” be the the key word there – that refers to how much of a drug/nutrient supplement one’s body actually absorbs. Not much point in slathering jojoba or açaí or anything else all over yourself that either has been altered beyond efficacy, or won’t have the chance to be utilized by your body at all.

Unlike the greenwashing products you’ll find in most major stores, Graydon’s products aren’t packaged to look “green;” they’re sleek, simple and sexy — you won’t find lime greens, beiges and cheesy bubble letters spelling out marketing lies. Each container simply states the function it serves plainly across its sophisticated label.

Here’s a peek at what we had the pleasure to try!

The Cleanser: Graydon’s signatures, all-purpose cleanser dispels the notion that “oil-free” makes a skincare item superior. The Cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils — which can often lead to the production of even more oil. It leaves your face feeling fresh and clean, without the sensation of dryness and tightness that follows most harsh face washes.

The Green Cream: With key ingredients including broccoli seed oil, avocado and chlorophyll, The Green Cream already sounds like a super salad on speed, and it pretty much is — for your face! This mint-green tinted lotion soothes, protects and refines from every angle and has a light, fresh finish.

Face Food: This hydrating ionic spray contains three minerals – copper, zinc and silver – and dives quickly into the skin to help with inflammation, kill bacteria, encourage production of collagen and elastin, and aid in the absorption of the goodies in other products – like the green cream! Mist generously on your skin after moisturizing and revel in the gloriously dewy state of your face for the rest of the day!

Glow: A tinted variation of Graydon’s SPF 30 Sun Cream, Glow kisses the skin with an antioxidant shimmer from light-reflecting minerals. Never mind the gunky, filmy sunscreen we’re used to – Glow protects from UV damage, soothes existing skin inflammation and visibly evens skin tone without clogging pores. Damn!

Graydon Clinical Luxury By Nature is easily one of the most impressive natural skincare lines I’ve had the pleasure of testing out, and I can’t wait to slather on some of the other products I haven’t yet tried! No doubt that we are addicted to Graydon, and it’s safe to say you will be, too, when you try the goods out! Sample sizes are available online, so you have no excuse not to treat yourself and change your relationship with your skin for the better!

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