got2b Phenomenal – Hair Styling for Men

I’ve had so many different hair styles over the years I’ve lost track. That being said for most of the hair styles that I’ve had, I have relied on one specific method that I think every guy should use to have their hair looking it’s best. That paired with great product can keep your styled hair looking great all day long.

When you have longer hair like myself you have to make it easy for the hair to do what you want Before it’s dry, which is always made easier by using the right product.

Recently I have been using got2be Phenomenal thickening and styling cream, which adds texture to your hair, makes it easy to style and helps to add volume.

Get the style:

    • After you’re done in the shower pat your hair dry with a towel to get access water. Take about a nickels worth of the cream and rub into your hands and then throughout all of your hair.
    • Next blow your hair dry in the desiered style. TIP: blowing your hair the opposite way from your part or upside down given you more volume, it’s a trick that women have been using for decades.
  • Once the hair is dry use your hands, or a comb to place hair into the desired style.
  • Next, take a great styling product that won’t be crunchy or stiff like the Phenomenal molding paste, it is perfect for short or longer hair as it keeps the hair in place, adds texture while still looking natural and clean.
  • Take about a dimes worth of that, rub it into your hands and run through hair, styling into place.
  • Once you are done use a little finishing spray, aka a light hair spray to keep the look in place so you are good to go for the day.


So there you have it, the perfect hair, every darn time. Feel free to let me know your tricks or share your looks to @weraddicted and @TheMaleAddict.



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