Give Your Car a Showroom Shine

How you present your car directly affects how people look at you. As such, it’s important to keep it in as pristine a look as possible. Now, you don’t actually need to be a car detailing professional to give the family car a good showroom shine. In fact, you can get the same results as you see in the showrooms right at home.

Here are a few tips that can give your car a showroom shine:


1. Wash by hand

You can start off by giving your car a good wash. While it’s fine to go to a local car wash, they are generally only good for heavier or loose dust particles. For you to have a good start at getting that elusive shine, it is better to do things by hand to scrub off all the dirt thoroughly. Using a high-pressure hose should be fine for this. Make sure that you thoroughly remove all the dust, as any leftover particles could scratch your car if you do the polishing process. Never use a sponge either, since they tend to pick up the dust as you pass along the car, which will lead to scratching.


2. Don’t forget the wheels

People generally don’t put as much effort washing the wheels as they do the bodywork, but a good showroom shine is useless if your wheels don’t look the part. Clean off your wheels with a hard brush first, then use a sponge after. Make sure that whatever cloth you used to clean the wheels isn’t used to clean the bodywork. You might just end up with a car full of grit and scratches on your paint job if you do.


3. Proper waxing and polishing

If you’re about to wax and polish your car, we’re assuming that you’ve already washed it thoroughly and that it has dried properly. While waxing does improve the shine on your car, you shouldn’t do it too often, as each time you do, you’re actually removing a thin layer of the paint on the bodywork. Car paint is very sensitive, so don’t apply too much pressure when you polish. Make sure that you use a different cloth for applying the wax and for the polish itself, and never do your waxing under the sun. Do it in the shade.


4. Apply proper cover

Now that you’ve properly washed, waxed and polished your car, it’s important to keep it pristine for as long as possible, so whenever you’re not using it, make sure to keep your car in a well-shaded area or put a good car cover over it. You may have read some articles that can help over at Auto Shop Accessories on what to look for in a good car cover or how to keep your car protected from the elements. If nothing else, just make sure that nothing will scratch your hard work while your car is at idle.


Getting your car back to its original showroom finish can be a hard process, but it’s certainly worth it in the end. Whether you’re simply driving downtown, or if you’re planning on selling your car, first impressions really do last, and having an old, battered-down car isn’t going to help you if you’re trying to be appealing. At the very least, your car will certainly thank you for the effort.



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