Give the Gift of Hope this Holiday Season

As a young boy, I remember my parents sponsoring children, sending gift boxes, whatever they could to help children, wherever they could.

I knew from a very early age how lucky I was to have such wonderful and giving parents. My father, an entrepreneur and a minister and my mother, a nurse, who, not only raised three children; my sister, a doctor, my brother, the owner of a robotics company, and well, then there is me (take that as you will) but they also used their time, love and money to give back at every chance they could to the community around them, and much further.

One of those causes is the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, and while I don’t hold any religious ties anymore, I do know that they are still doing amazing work around the world, to help those in need not only in the short term, but help them to become independent and stable for the long term.

They work in 12 countries to improve the lives of more than 700,000 people through child-centred community development and that is something we can definitely get on board with.

We also love their Gifts for Good Program, where you can choose to buy different types of gifts for children and communities in need. Things like feminine hygiene products, or a community well, seeds for a family, or helping to supply a classroom with much-needed supplies.

It’s probably the most philanthropic gift guide we’ve ever seen.



So this holiday season, why not give a gift to someone who really needs it, tell you what, if you do, don’t worry about getting me anything this year.

Either way, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.



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