Gillette: The best a man can get, now for less!

Us guys are always looking to save money. Whether it be a lower price on a car or going somewhere economical for dinner, if we can safely save a buck, why not.

That also applies when it comes to grooming, so with that, we have some great news just for you, aka the men of Canada.

Since this past fall, Gillette has reduced the prices on its popular Fusion and Fusion ProGlide blade refills in Canada

It’s the same great shave – no compromise on quality – but Canadians can now look for new lower prices every day for Fusion and Fusion ProGlide blade refills.  


Wondering why?


Canadians told Gillette that while they acknowledge the quality of Gillette razors, Gillette could be doing more in other areas. In line with the company’s 100 year+ legacy of delivering what men want, Gillette listened and responded by lowering the price of its popular Fusion and Fusion ProGlide blades. 


See, now that’s why I have always loved Gillette. Willing to change with the times, while still to this day offering great products now for a lower price for men across Canada.

Just in time for valentines, this is my gift to my male readers since I know how much you and I will save.


For more details visit their website @GILLETTE today.

*Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.




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