Gifts New Homeowners Actually Want

A close family member or one of your friends just moved into their new home. You are now very happy for them, which is great! But have you given them a token of congratulations yet? As custom dictates, it is always nice to welcome a new homeowner into their new home with a small but warm gift.

To help you help your associate feather his or her new nest, we have prepared a list of 12 home gifts that he/she really needs. Of course, it is hard to find the right gift to celebrate a new home, especially when the homeowner seems to have everything. However, we guarantee that your friend/relative will find at least one of these items is very important.


A doormat

A doormat is the first acquisition for every new homeowner, but that is not to say that they cannot use an extra one. A great idea would be to have sweet, welcoming words embroidered on the mat. It could be a simple message such as “welcome” or “hello”. 


A video doorbell

A video doorbell does not only improve your friend’s home security but also injects more convenience into the home. It is also contemporary and stylish. If you feel generous, include the motion-detection technology to the doorbell so that your friend can be monitoring their front porch via their smartphone.


Personalised key chain

A personalised key chain is both symbolic and thoughtful. It is symbolic because your buddy will be reminded of you whenever they unlock the door. Why thoughtful? Because the quote, their initials, or whatever personalisation you add to the chain will be a signature of the love you have for your friend.



The homeowner likely has many plates of their own, but they will definitely love a few personalized plates for special occasions. Think of plates with their initials inscribed in the inner surface or with an added monogram.


A grill set

A grill set will delight anyone who loves backyard barbecues. A perfect set should include skewers, knives, basting brush, tongs, and flippers, among other important items.


Farmhouse wreaths

Wreaths are known to inject a dose of sunshine to every front porch they are installed into. They are welcoming and refreshing. So, grab one green wreath for your pal and have it scented with their favorite fragrances. If you don’t know their exact taste, try vanilla cinnamon or eucalyptus scents – the two have a sweet, natural smell.


A coffee table book

There are tons of coffee table books out there for you to choose from. Be sure to find a book that is easy to read even for a 5-year old, that’s if your friend has a young family. Also, ensure that the book has actionable tips that they can apply in life. Think anything to do with skincare, diet, kitchen recipes, fitness advice, and family-related tips.


Bladeless fans

If your friend has pets, he will be glad to have a bladeless fan. Their lack of spinning blades also makes them kid-friendly because they cannot snag her/his little sunshine’s little fingers. If the fan is remote-controlled, it improves the home’s functionality.


Canvas wall art

A canvas wall art with the message “Home Sweet Home” will definitely excite any new homeowner. It will constantly remind the homeowner about the happy moments you all had when opening the house for the first time. In the same breath, a wall painting with, say, an illustration of the new home will also be great.


Letterpress coasters

Because housewarming is the first of many parties to follow in that house, a set of letterpress coasters will be highly appreciated. Just remember to bring with you a bottle of wine to get the party started.


Wine bottle chiller

Who doesn’t love a chilled glass of wine at Happy Hour? A wine bottle chiller may be the last thing on your friend’s mind right now, but they will be glad you gave them one.


A basic toolkit

Emergencies will happen in any home. That is why a basic toolkit will come in handy for every homeowner. The kit can have tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, hammer, and a snap-off knife, among other mechanical tools.


The gift ideas we have listed above also apply to you if you just bought a new home from local home listings. Your friends will give you most of the items, but you should be prepared to acquire some yourself in case none of your friends remember to buy them for you.

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