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Tis the season for giving, and as someone who works in media I am constantly asked what the best gifts of the season are, and what should someone get for their dad, brother or husband. And honestly when it comes to the men in our lives, it really isn’t that hard.

This year I thought I would ask around, see what other men were talking about, to see what’s on the hot list, and got some sage advice from Coleman Molnar.

He has compiled his top 5 gifts for men this year, which are of course all great, but his number one pick is also in my tops picks for the season, so let’s focus on that!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.15.11 PM

This year we heard over and over again about giving “An Experience” and when you give a good bottle of Dewar’s 12, that’s just what you are giving with the world’s most awarded blended scotch.

We all have stories of amazing nights that we tell fondly, and for me, I can usually remember what I was drinking, and who it was with. These are things that most men really love, time spent with great people, drinking something of equal greatness.

Dewars 12 Bottle and Box

So as we go further into the holiday season why not give the gift of great company to the men in your life with a bottle of the DEWAR’S 12 – “the perfect scotch to accompany those special shared moments“.

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  1. sisi4life

    That is a great list! My hubby collects scotch, so the Dewars would be a great gift. He has been talking about getting a really good knife – he’s watch documentaries on knife making (who does that?). And that is one beautiful knife! He loves his Bluetooth speaker – although I got him one that is ruggedized. We also have a Sengled Pulse system that gets used more than our stereo system. Personally, I would love to see him in those boots. And, in his case, I think he is pining for a 360, as I have an Apple Watch. Well curated suggestions.