Getting to know Okinawa

If you are anything like the team here at Addicted you love to travel, and there are some places in the world that are just calling you to visit and better yet, to explore. Places like Okinawa.

Okinawa Prefecture is the most southern point of Japan. Made up of hundreds of islands, Okinawa and the people are renowned for longevity due to their diet, constant activity and outlook on life. The subtropical climate is home to vegetation and foliage of all kinds, hundreds of animals, white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and uncharted jungles. The best way to access this gorgeous group of islands is a quick 3-hour flight from Tokyo.

Recently three groups from around the world were invited to enjoy the islands and show what life in Okinawa looks and feels like, for an outsider’s perspective as they dove into the beauty and adventure of daily life in this stunning part of the globe.

Meet Tracy.

She’s an entrepreneur from Singapore who’s constantly connected to her phone. What happens when she has to rely on a different type of connection? Watch and find out as you explore Okinawa and what these islands have to offer.

Meet Jen and Sarah.

They work in fashion and PR around Los Angeles. What happens when they experience a different set of beauty standards? Watch and find out as you exploreOkinawa and what these islands have to offer.

Meet Daniel.

A fashion blogger from Dusseldorf, Germany, who has a passion for fitness. What happens when he’s taken out of his comfort zone and given a new fitness regime? Watch and find out as you explore Okinawa and what these islands have to offer.

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