Getting Ready for Prom Night: Tips From the Experts

Prom night is a time when everyone wants to look and feel their best. It’s an evening of excitement, anticipation, and maybe even some anxiety. With so much riding on one night, it can be hard not to get stressed out or overwhelmed by all the pressure that goes into making your prom dress perfect and finding the perfect date. But with these tips from the experts, you will feel like a pro before you know it!

Getting Ready

There are a lot of things you think about for prom night.  Hanging out with friends, having a blast, and enjoying the night are all part of the fun. But for you girls, there is also the pressure to look great too! There are many things that go into making sure your makeup and hair are on point at prom, but we have some expert tips from hairstylists and celebrity make-up artists to help you out!

Also, this year’s prom is not just an evening event. It’s a whole weekend of fun, so you need to consider your look from head to toe when dressing for the occasion. Whether you are going formal or semi-formal, here are some fashion tips for girls!


Prom Dresses

Even though prom dresses don’t change from year to year too much in style, there are some trends that will be big for this year. For instance, sequins and chiffon are both coming back in style again for prom 2022, so you can expect to see a lot of dresses that have these materials on them. And if you want to look hot then try wearing an off-the-shoulder dress or low cut back. Next is color. In the past, daring prom dresses were usually a solid color with a bold pattern on them, but now you can go for something that actually has a lot of colors in it.

Lastly, another great trend going around this year is the short dress! However, you should avoid short dresses if your date is wearing a long tuxedo or suit.


Prom Hairstyles

Prom hairstyles are usually simple styles that allow you to show off your dress. For instance, if you have a low cut back on your dress then you might want to go for an up-do or deep side part. Or if your dress is sleeveless then an easy half-up hairstyle would work great for you.

Girls that wear prom dresses with straps will usually go for a classic half-up style that has some curls and volume to it. Or else, you can opt for a deep side part and keep your hair straight with some loose curls towards the end. And if you plan on wearing an updo then make sure to practice putting it together before prom night. That way there will be no worries about your hair not turning out the way that you want it to.


Hair Accessories

When girls wear prom dresses with straps they usually like to add in a nice headband or beautiful flower.

For longer dresses, feel free to add in some hairpieces or jewelry to spice up your look. For instance, if you have long hair then try adding in some extensions that match the color of your dress. Or else, you can go for a beaded bracelet to compliment your bracelet and earrings.



Once you have decided on your hairstyle, it’s time to think about makeup. Again, one of the most important aspects of makeup is the dress that you’re wearing. You should take into consideration how much skin you are showing in order to choose your make-up accordingly. If you are showing a lot of skin, then using less make-up will work better for you because it won’t compete with what you are wearing on top. However, if you are wearing a long dress then you can go for a smokier eye and bolder lip.



For nails, all you need is one coat of clear nail polish. After that, simply follow the pattern on your dress for any adornments or details. For instance, if there are rhinestones or a special pattern on your dress, then feel free to choose a polish in a complementary shade. For example, if you have chandelier earrings with blue stones, then you might want to go for green nail polish.



This is the most important part because if your shoes don’t fit correctly then nothing else really matters! For instance, slip-on shoes work best for shorter dresses and open-toe heels should be chosen only by those that will not feel uncomfortable walking in them. In addition, use common sense when choosing a heel height. You don’t want to go too high because you will have a hard time walking and you definitely don’t want to wear ballet flats with a long dress!

In the end, the best thing that you can do is experiment with different styles until you find what looks best on you and makes you feel confident about yourself. After all, the most important thing is to make sure that you have fun!



Choosing a purse can be difficult because you want to make sure that it matches the dress that you will be wearing.

For instance, if your dress has a lot of colors then try choosing a purse in a solid color so that the two don’t compete with each other. If your dress is long and dresses up your figure then it would look best for you to choose a purse in the same pattern or color.



When choosing jewelry, think about what your neckline is like because you want to avoid anything that will look too overwhelming when contrasted with it. For instance, if your dress has straps then adding in long necklaces would work well for you. Or else, try going for a simple bracelet and earrings to compliment your bracelet and earrings.

In the end, don’t worry too much about matching because that is what makes choosing accessories fun! Just make sure that you feel comfortable wearing them. If they are uncomfortable then it will show all night long.


Prom night is a time to let your hair down and have some fun. It’s also a time to show off your style and look your best. In order to help you get ready for this special night, we’ve gathered tips from the experts on what you should wear. Whether you’re wearing a long dress or a short dress, we have advice on hairstyles, makeup, nails, shoes, and purses that will make you look amazing. So don’t stress too much about what to wear – just follow our guide and have fun!


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