Get with the Flow and say hello to H20

On my constant search to find the best of everything I was tipped off to Flow Water. Course my first thought was, “It’s water, what else is new?” well as I soon learned, there was a lot that made it drastically different for most of the other offerings on the market.

Flow water is “nurtured for thousands of years in a deep, artesian aquifer where it naturally collects essential minerals, electrolytes and an alkaline pH. No industrial process or additives necessary, just pure, holistic H2O straight from the earth.”

So what does this mean to me and you, well it means that the water isn’t stripped of everything good that nature and the earth intended for you to have in your water, unlike most companies that filter, and essentially strip everything out of the water, Flow offers you something better as the water still contains Essential minerals like Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium Carbonate.

Not only that but the packaging is from renewable materials that are PET and BPA free. “Cartons are transportation efficient. That means 3 times as much Flow can be shipped in 1 truck compared to water packed in plastic bottles. Fewer trucks = less fuel = less green house gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint and yours.”

On top of that, if you choose you can have the water delivered to you in an electric vehicle, and they will take your old cartons to recycle, which we think is not only amazing, but genieous on all fronts.

Check out the story of Flow for yourself:

So maybe it’s time you thought about the water you are drinking, and instead of swimming against the natural current, maybe it’s time you go with the Flow.



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