Get winter ready with GEOX

As much as I don’t want to admit it, here in Toronto winter seems to be on it’s way. The tip off, well it dropped to 2 Degrees celsius and snowed for the first time this year, which is sign enough for me.

So what does that mean for us hear in the great white north? It means it’s time to stock up on hot chocolate, turn on the heat, and most importantly, get a really great winter coat.

So when it comes to choosing the proper winter coat for what I can only refer to as “interesting’ weather, what are the must haves?

Well it of course needs to keep you warm, that’s a must, it should also be windproof, waterproof, while not feeling like you are wearing a sleeping bag, or looking like you are. (check out the video below)

My pick, GEOX. They offer stylish choices of all kinds that offer protection from the wind, water and are breathable, while still keeping you looking stylish. So  when I heard that GEOX had a pop-up winter coat shop (open until December 31) at Sherway Gardens I had to go check it out.

A wide selection of styles and fits are on offer for both women and men so that everyone can get their perfect coat. So as the weather turns, do me a favour and make sure that you too are, winter ready.



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