Get Out of the Dark Ages: Using Tech to Level Up in Business

No matter how big your enterprise is, the right technology will provide you with numerous benefits- it will make you money, and produce the results your customers demand. Refuse to stay to date with modern tech and you risk jeopardizing your entire venture- your competitors will leave you in the dust, and your entire company could end up completely obsolete. Here are some of the ways modern tech can help you thrive in business.


Upgrade your office

Don’t overlook the importance of your office when it comes to business. The work completed here is what keeps your company running, and so you need a space that allows workers to be as productive as possible. When you think of improving your businesses tech, it might be your machinery, tools and other equipment in various departments that instantly spring to mind. But the office is crucial; it’s essentially the ‘brain’ of your business. The right technology can speed up many tasks and in some cases, even wholly automate them. Whenever your company can automate a process, it can then redirect financial and labour resources elsewhere. Take IT cost reduction strategies as one example of this. The use of technology has created new ways to communicate with clients; consider  AI chatbots, CRM tools, forums, social media pages, video conferencing and calls. One of the biggest challenges can communicate ideas (either from one discipline to another or across time and space). So making it quick and easy to convey ideas is always going to be beneficial. A single tool will rarely fill all the requirements, so aim to find tools that work together.


Improve employee happiness

Your workers are crucial in business, these are the people that make things work. So ensuring they are happy will help to keep productivity levels, good. Cliques and social pressures amongst workers for examples can be problematic for businesses; however, technology can help them to put their differences aside. It creates a team dynamic, even in larger enterprises since employees at different locations can interact better. Another thing that can improve employees happiness and productivity is giving them the ability to work from home. There are so many benefits to this, for both them and for you. For example, there are geographic constraints in hiring people; if you’re utilising a worker that will be solely working remotely, then they can essentially live anywhere in the world. It reduces the expense of rented and owned workspaces, and it means that people are available at a few minutes if you need them. Companies find that with remote or home-based workers, their sick days are lower, and even factors such as lateness are much less. Think about it, how many workers are late each day because their car won’t start or public transport is unreliable? Not an issue when it comes to working from home. Communication suites, Web-based helpdesk, project management tools and employee engagement tools are all examples of software that are great for employees that work from home- even if it’s just for some of the time. Cloud-based programs like Office 360 mean your employees can log in and work from anywhere in the world, and everything is highly secure.


Ensures you stay secure

Lack of security has most definitely become a crisis when it comes to our technology-dependent world. In the past, security was considered as something of a luxury or extra feature- something to be added when it was needed later. However, many companies have paid the price for this mentality, and we now know that security must be designed into every technology and application. It simply cannot be left out to reduce the cost, as it will end up costing you significantly more. Information security is a big issue every day, as hackers and other criminals steal consumer information and company proprietary information daily to be sold and exploited. Hackers can interrupt business operations, and cost companies millions of dollars every year- they damage reputations and cause businesses to fall under public scrutiny. But good technology can protect company information. Information is also stored with ease and integrity, meaning confidential and sensitive data is less prone to vulnerabilities. Security in modern business goes well beyond firewalls and anti-virus software. Digitally linked security systems protect businesses from all kinds of crime, from vandalism to theft. Systems are able to provide real-time alerts and even offer diversion tactics such as alarms. If you’re not already, it’s time to get serious about your company’s security. Tech can help you to do this, do your research and find out what the best security software and systems are for you. Implement them now to prevent any issues, there’s no good closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, so to speak.


Be more eco-friendly

It’s 2019, and we all know we should be doing more to help the planet. Most of us already take steps at home to reduce our impact on the earth, but is your business doing the same? There are lots of eco-friendly technologies you can adopt in your business to help do this. LED and CFL bulbs, for example, are better than older bulbs in a number of ways. They are brighter, require lesser energy to function, and last longer. Making the switch and utilising this technology simply involves changing your bulbs- what could be simpler? Many companies are still struggling with reducing their plastic consumption, despite the fact it’s becoming more and more widely known of the adverse effects. Switching to biodegradable plastic is an option, particularly if you use a lot of packaging and sell physical products. This technology isn’t new, but it’s still not being widely used by businesses. Take the leap, and do your bit. You could utilise new solar solutions, and look into things like ‘green’ insulation to keep your company’s building warm. There are plenty of revelations in eco-tech that you should be up to date within a business.


Keeps you ahead of your competitors

If your business has the technological capacity to research new opportunities, chances are it will stay a step ahead of its competition. For a company to survive, it must continue to evolve, acquiring new opportunities and information. The Internet allows a business to virtually travel into new markets all across the globe, but without the cost of travel or the risks of creating a factory abroad; technology in business really has made it possible to have a broader reach in the global market. In the industrial age, a company’s business model didn’t change much. The way a firm would create, deliver and capture value could stay reasonably constant for generations. However, these days, business models no longer last. We have to be prepared for change and anticipate it, keeping up with technology is a smart move as it’s this which tends to be the driving force behind many changes. It’s technology which renders older businesses obsolete and creates many new opportunities on the back of this. Being up to date with tech and aware of what’s going on in the world around you means your business can adapt and change if needed to stay in line with customer demand.


As a business owner, you need to be up to date with modern technology and be implementing it across all areas of your company.




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