Get Active: Beach Game Ideas to Get You Moving

The summer is in full swing and it’s time to play. Staying active is easy when you’re running around on the beach.

With the growing popularity of beach games, and some making their debut in world-leading tournaments in recent years, more of us are heading to the seaside to soak up the sun while staying fit. If you’re looking for inspiration for games to play, check out this round-up of inspired ideas.


School Games

The rules for tag haven’t changed since school. Someone is still ‘it’ and you still have to leg it as fast as you can to avoid becoming ‘it’. The sand slows you down, so aim for damp sand where the tide has gone out a bit, so you can build up speed.

Another school favourite is hide-and-seek. Sand dunes are perfect for hiding behind, but if you’re on a flat stretch of beach, you may need to improvise and burrow beneath a towel or windbreaker so the finder can’t see you.



If it’s good enough for the Olympics, it’s good enough for us. You might find the beach you’re at has a net already. If not, it’s worth bringing your own.

Split into teams and start hitting the ball. Points are scored when the ball hits the floor on the opposite side of the net. Sand makes the dives to the floor as you aim for the ball much softer, while also giving your legs a good workout.


Beach Cricket

This is cricket, but not as you know it. The rules tend to go out the window when friends are casually playing, but there are some guidelines to follow that are reminiscent of the non-beach version.

First up, you still need a bat, ball and stumps. You also need a batsman, bowler and wicketkeeper. But the number of fielders depends on how many want to get up off the sand and join in and if the ball gets lost in the sand, the batsman can run keep running until it’s found. Improvisation is key here.



This game will get you all moving. Split into two teams and get your chosen referee to throw the ball in the air. Like netball, the player who grabs the ball gets three steps, so this can help move around on the sand.

They have five seconds to hit someone on the other team with the ball. If you’re hit, you have to sit out unless the ball rolls near to them, they grab it and manage to hit someone from their position on the sand.


Are you heading to the beach this summer? Will you be trying these games out?



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