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The sun is out and summer is coming, unless you’re a Game of Thrones fan! At least here in Canada we are hoping winter is behind us. As a car guy that can only mean one thing, taking of those bulky winter tires and slapping on a fresh set of grippy tires for the warmer weather ahead.

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WeRAddicted had the pleasure to test out the new MotoMaster SE3 premium performance All-Season tires. Pleasantly surprised by the sheer stats of this tire, weMM_SE3_C_16_01363 were excited to put all the hype to the test with the pedal to the metal and hanging on for dear life. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff!

First of all, a little background of what Canadian Tire achieved with the SE3 and how it improved on the previous models. Canadian Tire came out fighting, throwing punches left right and center aiming directly at its premium brand name competitors. It aimed to bring the consumer a tire of equivalent if not better performance without breaking the bank. A Tested for Life in Canada  product, the SE3 is the evolution of trusted performance, built with premium materials incorporating the latest in tire technology. They’ve been professionally tested to withstand Canadian road and weather conditions and offer top tier performance. The statistics all lined up, they increased all the aspects that make a regular tire a great tire. First and foremost, handling and grip were increased giving you more confidence on the road, followed by comfort and tread wear along with other things you might not necessarily care about. After all, not many everyday commuters will drop a pretty penny on tires boasting only great handling, they want a quiet ride and a tire that doesn’t wear so quickly that they needs to be changed annually.

We hopped in for the ride under some extreme weather conditions and were skeptical of how the tires would perform on the slick road surface from the pouring rain. Little did we know that these tires lived for the wet conditions barely breaking traction. It instilled confidence to push harder but it kept giving us more. Taking it over some bumpy obstacles the tires remained quiet, no annoying hum of cheap tires. We also had a car sitting on brand name tires to run around in and see how it compares to the MotoMaster SE3, the difference was unnoticeable.


What we learned is unless you are a brand snob, like spendMM_SE3_TREAD_15_32466ing a lot of money on tires and don’t like Canadian products made for our climate, there is absolutely no reason you wouldn’t get the new MotoMaster SE3 tires.

To close off this segment, remember All-Season tires only cover 3 seasons. For anything under 7 degrees Celsius, all-season tires just don’t offer the safety of a designated winter tire. Stay safe and have fun!


Aleksandar Savic

Aleksandar Savic

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