Games: Real Or Fiction?

Almost all of us at one point or the other, have had the gaming fever. Simply put, we have all fallen in love with one game or the other. Games give us an output to explore our fantasies. They open up your mind and enable creativity. They also help us in taking a much-needed break from our lives.

Another fascinating thing about games is their futuristic ideas. Flying cars, alien ships, and other technology like these intrigue our minds. Thus making us more and more attracted towards them.


Realistic Or Fiction?

An interesting thought that has come to everyone’s mind at some point is how real what you play is. Most games contain fiction and unrealistic content. However, that does not mean they do not have any realistic features in them either. A lot of AAA title games and even smaller ones have realistic features and content in them. Below we will discuss some popular games and how realistic and unrealistic they are.


Call Of Duty


Undoubtedly The Call Of Duty franchise is one of the biggest in the world. It has been around since 2003. Its huge success was mainly due to its FPS gameplay and storylines. Initially, it was released as a single-player, First Person Shooter game and later also included multiplayer options.

All of the ‘Call Of Duty’ games storylines have been set in scenarios related to the real world. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty World At War are two prime examples of this. Their realistic setting allows players to be more immersed in their gameplay.

Even the playable characters in the game have been made as realistic as possible. They are equipped with real-life weapons such as the famous AK-47 or the M-4 assault rifle. Their body armor also has realistic features such as bulletproof vests and military bulletproof goggles.

These factors make it one of the most realistic fps games currently developed and are the leading reason for the franchise’s success.


There is some amount of unrealism present in Call Of Duty Games as well. For instance, the constant changing (balancing) of weapon statistics and gun handling is a bit unrealistic. Whenever you breach a room, time won’t slow down in real life either. The amount of payload carried can be unrealistic as well sometimes, for example, in real life snipers will not carry assault rifles with them.

Another unrealistic aspect was the usage of car filters as silencers in the Modern Warfare series. It just does not make any sense. Similarly, the main character does not die even after getting a headshot and can take an insane amount of bullets. 


Assassins Creed


The popular game Assassins creed released by Ubisoft is a delight for history geeks. Its historical setting allows people to witness iconic figures. These include The pirate Blackbeard, Pope Alexander VI, Leonardo Di Vinci, and many others.

Playing as the main character we can also take part in many important historical events as well. These include The Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, and the signing of The Declaration Of Independence. A lot of Enzo(The Main Character)’s assassination targets are also real-life characters that have existed in this world.

All these characteristics allow the game to create a realistic aspect and feel about its gameplay and storyline.



While Assassin’s creed is heavily inspired and influenced by real-life events, the game does use a lot of fiction as well. Other than fiction added towards the storyline, the game mechanics can be unrealistic too sometimes. The parkour in the game is one of the aspects that can be highly unrealistic sometimes. Actions like “Leap Of Faith” are highly unrealistic and remind anyone playing of the game’s unrealism.


Need For Speed


The Need For Speed games is one of the oldest in the industry. These games have been around since forever and their popularity has only increased with time. The game revolves around two things; Cars and speed.

The popularity of this game is mainly due to its appeal to every teenager’s fantasy of speed and realistic cars. All cars used in the game series are realistic. This allows players to enjoy the ability to drive their real-life dream cars virtually. This is one of the features that give this game a realistic aspect. The mods available on the cars such as tire upgrades, suspension are all derived from real life.



Even though the cars and mods are realistic, one of the most unrealistic features is the car’s ability to take damage. They just don’t seem to take much damage. Secondly, cops seem to not exist in some of the games such as NFS: Underground. In the games that do have cops, it’s fairly easy to get away from them.

Cars generally behave like they’re on rails. Eventually, they understeer and go into a weird auto drift mode where sideways drifts are insanely easy.

In conclusion, expecting any game to be 100% accurate is unrealistic. The fiction factor is what makes them more interesting and gives an edge. It also allows more creativity since players can go above and beyond. While some games are completely unrealistic and based on fiction, games like these mentioned above make a blend of both.


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