Gaiam Canada, Jillian Michaels and I shred for one week

You ate, drank, had a second helping and blew off the gym. It was winter, there are layers, but now it’s spring and soon after that is full-blown summer, the layer-less season. Somewhere during the good times, getting ready for that swimsuit was forgotten about. Where winter is forgiving, spring and summer are not. Gaiam Canada (where fitness meets fashion) and Addicted want to help you make your transition easier.

“How so?” you ask. Well, the good people of Gaiam Canada are going to send you your very own kick-butt care package. Tweet, “I want to get #AddictedToShred with @gaiam and @JillianMichaels! @WeRAddicted” * before 6pm on June 6th and you could win:

  • A thirsty Yoga Towel in Smokey Purple ($29.00)
  • No slip yoga socks in grey grippers ($14.99)
  • Metro Gym Bag in black ($39.00).
  • “The Jillian Michaels One Week Shred” ($14.99)

…all to help get that off-season body back into your personal top gear. We tried it all out – here’s a bit about the gear!

Thirsty Yoga Towel: This is my new favorite thing. I now take this to all of my gym classes. Not just yoga, but also the boot camp as well. This towel saved my mat and me as I worked through “The Jillian Michaels One Week Shred,” by whisking away sweat as I worked out. If you have ever had a “mat rash” this towel will become your new best friend.

No Slip Yoga Socks: Of late I have been really into Suspension Yoga/Antigravity Yoga/Aerial Flow Yoga. And when you don’t have both feet off the floor, but in a harness as you bend and stretch, it can be nerve-wracking. By wearing the socks to class I was really able to focus more on the movement and worry less about falling on my face. When wearing them to Hatha and flow yoga, they achieved the same result they allowed me to focus more on movement and less worry about falling or slipping.

Metro Gym Bag:  Can I start by saying I love how small this bag is, yet how much it holds? It is like Mary Poppins’s carpetbag. Not only did I manage to fit in the basics I take with me to the gym every time, but more, too! The bag is so light that it is really easy to bring along with you, plus, because of its small size, it fit easily into my gym cubby. This also means it easily fit under my desk when I was not at the gym. Oh, and did I mention it’s adorable as well?  I used the inside zip pocket for keys, cell phone, etc. The other inside pockets I used for things like face wipes, and all the extras I need. The outside pocket carried my snack on one side, and my third towel on the other. On either side of the zipper there is a perfect pocket for your water bottle, and after all of that, there was still room for my change of clothing. Meanwhile, the dimensions are only 7″L x 15″W x 12″H.

“The Jillian Michaels One Week Shred”: Unless you have been living under a very large rock, you’re aware that Jillian Michaels knows where it’s at when it comes to getting your body into top shape. In fact, she is so good at it that her workout DVDs are number one in the world.

“To get the best results in a one-week period, Jillian will push you through two 30-minute workouts a day. You will start with a strength workout in the morning and complete a cardio workout in the evening.”  And as the back of the DVD says: “You can do anything for a week!”

My week – AKA “Go Time”

Day 1: I won’t lie, watch the video first, then give it a try. Your body will thank you. It took me a second cup of coffee before I could get going, but I’m so glad I did. Getting used to this two workouts a day thing will be .. fun. But it *IS* for only a week.

Day 2: A little sore from the day before but I know more about what is coming next. Just when you think you can’t do anymore – you are done.

Day 3: I smell like Tiger Balm.

Day 4: This is the halfway point – and I can feel it in my legs and arms. This is no introduction to fitness, but if you have any idea of what you are doing you will be just fine.

Day 5: Only two more days. Only two more days.

Day 6: One more day – I feel good, strong and for sure have a lot more energy.

Day 7: I got up and got this! I feel a lot stronger, and while I did not lose 7 pounds I do feel tighter, stronger, and lighter. I am a bit stiff from it but over all I feel better for doing it. This is a must have video for getting ready for the summer, or whatever you have to get ready for. There is no reason for you not to be able to do this for one week! And, just think how great you’re going to feel when it is done!

Now it is your turn!

Find all the people who made this happen here:

Gaiam Canada, Twitter, Facebook

Jillian Michaels, Twitter, Facebook,

*entrant must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Canada.  Winning tweet will be selected at random after 6pm EST June 6th.

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