Gadgets for 2018: A Kit List for the Modern Day Human

Oh, how we love our gadgets! From phones to drones, tablets to trackers and everything in between, but with the pace at which new stuff is released, it can be hard to keep up with what is hot and what is not. Have no fear, because here we’ll provide a little help as we explore gadgets for 2018 – a kit list for the modern day human.


The Modern Day Human’s Phone


Perhaps somewhat predictably, there are really only two phones in the running for this accolade, the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Die-hard Apple fanatics may not be swayed by some of the arguments floating through the ether, but having accessed them, it looks like the S9 comes out on top. Why?


Well, the consensus is that the S9 has a better OLED screen, a better camera, Android outstrips iOS and the S9 has a headphone jack.


A Tablet for the Modern Day Human


When it comes to tablets, however, Apple takes the biscuit. The iPad Pro, as well as retaining all of the qualities we have come to expect from Apple’s top tablet, now supports the Apple pencil and you can use it with a smart keyboard. The iPad Pro also leads the field when it comes augmented reality and pound for pound, it weighs less than half a kilo, a better tablet simply doesn’t exist.


How the Modern Day Human Dances to the Beats


With a phone and tablet at the top of the modern day humans kit list, next they will need some headphones, so they can listen to music or become immersed in movies and vlogs. Beats Studio 3 wireless in matt black, look sleek and sound sharp. Not only that, a “fast fuel” 10-minute charge will give up to 3 hours listening and as you listen the headphones cancel out external noise for a supreme experience. 


Tracking the Modern Day Human


Looking like something Spiderman might wear the Moov Now all-around fitness tracker is simple to use and has a broad array of features. Wear it when you run, swim, boxercise and even when you sleep. The Moov Now tracks your overall fitness level and can be used as a personal trainer, taking you through the “7+ minute circuit training” routine, for example.


The Moov Now doesn’t have a screen, but simply syncs to your smartphone where you can see all of your statistics.


With this kit list, the modern day human has all the bases covered; communication, entertainment, the ability to work, rest and play. It just remains, however, to mention some of the latest news from Google, who has a new collection of Android features called Digital Well-Being – the aim is that having bought all the latest gadgets, you don’t get addicted to them.



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