Function Bar takes us back to our childhood

Function Bar, one of the latest additions to the ever growing and might I add amazing food scenes here in Toronto had us out for a visit for a special preview and we have to say, we felt a bit like we stepped back in time.

I have to admit when I was a kid I wasn’t really allowed much in the way of sweets and treats but as an adult, I’ve more than made up for it. So when I heard that Function Bar was a new restaurant and lounge that offers a new style of cuisine that is inspired by your favourite childhood foods, I had to find out more for myself, and for you of course.

Function Bar is a 2,500 square-foot space at 2291 Yonge Street in Toronto that was designed by Adam Patel with 70 seats and standing room for 90.

It’s cosy and relaxed, with a super chill vibe, which makes perfect sense to go along with the childhood inspired menu.

“We know that ‘grown-ups’ are supposed to shop the outskirts of the grocery store, and avoid the middle aisles where a lot of the “fun” foods are,” said David Brocklehurst, Partner. “We wanted to take a modern and playful approach to our food, and instead pair your fresh food items with playful ones – think coke veal jus, cool ranch calamari, or corn flake fried chicken.”

Craft beer lovers will appreciate the selection of rotating taps at Function, and their cocktail list is sure to suit any taste. The food menu also offers great vegetarian and vegan options, so all food preferences and tastes can be accommodated.

So what did we try?


Steamed Ham

Rotating fast food-inspired beef brisket burger in sheng jian bao bun

This one was pretty much like enjoying a high-end Big MAC in a bao bun, it was pretty tasty.


Mr Pong’s Awesome Jumbo

Crispy egg roll wrapper, rotating filling

Crispy, crunchy, and rather tasty, this one was quite enjoyable as well.


Dr Pepper Duck Taco

Hoisin braised duck, kimichi, dr pepper crema

This one was a standout, it really had such a rich layer of flavours, and while we couldn’t directly identify the Dr Pepper, we assume part of the level of flavours was in part due to that, it was really a top-notch taco.


Holy Smokes!

Smoked beef brisket patty, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar, pickled red onions, house potato bun

I LOVE a good burger, sandwich, wrap, hot dog, really anything in that family I’m all over and the more delicious the better, and this beef brisket patty sandwich was smokey. and savoury, and really just perfect.



Braised beets and potatoes, beef short rib, natural jus, veal jus, dill crema

The braised short rib was like butter, the beets were heavy and delicious and the whole dish was the perfect meal for a cold winter night.


Southern Smoke Watermelon

Sliced watermelon, fries, coleslaw, house potato bun

We weren’t sure if we were going to like this but it turns out, smoked watermelon is really tasty. As a meat eater would I eat it in replacement of most meat options, probably not, but, it was really flavourful, and went well with the coleslaw, fries and fresh potato bun.


The s’mores you know

Homemade house graham cracker, faux aero bar, table fired marshmallow

T’was so good. The mix of crunchy graham bars, chocolate hiding under and freshly flamed marshmallow took me back to camping with friends on the lake, well the idea, not the weather.


So, if you’re looking to try something a bit different and take a fancy trip back on memory lane, we suggest you pay a visit to Function Bar.



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