Fun Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Living Across the Country

Just because you might miss a loved one’s birthday doesn’t mean that you can’t make them feel special. No matter where you live, you can help them celebrate by selecting the perfect gift to send their way. With more convenient and affordable delivery methods, your choices are virtually unlimited.


A book you can read together 

If your loved one is a bibliophile, send them a book, or several, that you can read together. Distance may keep you apart physically but reading the same book will help you bond and give you a reason to stay in touch frequently. Be sure to do your research before picking books. If they’re well-read you want to avoid sending something that they’ve already checked off their list. Interested in the concept but not all the footwork? Sign you both up for a subscription service that makes it simple. 


Fresh flowers 

It might seem obvious, but flowers are one of the most popular gifts for a reason. Sending flowers can be anything but basic. Put some thought into the colours and design of their bouquet and include their favourite flower if they have one. You should also find out where they will be that day so that you can make sure they receive their birthday flower delivery


Birthday party in a box 

Don’t let distance hold up the celebration. Create a birthday party in a box and schedule a skype session so you can join their festivities. You could include traditional items like balloons and confetti or personalize it around a theme that captures their personality.  If you’re not one to run around town collecting items for the box, you can also find a service that will create one for you


Something sentimental from home

If your friend or family member had to move away and is homesick, send them something that will remind them of home. If it will make the journey in good condition, ship them a treat from their favourite local dessert shop. You could also purchase a gift from a nearby store or order something that represents where they come from like a specially scented candle or a piece of artwork. 


Travel essentials

It can be hard to coordinate travel plans to spend time together. Help them prepare for a visit by sending them some of the items they might need. You could include basic travel items or specific gear they will need to visit you. For instance, if you live somewhere it snows but they are from Los Angeles, you could send them a pair of warm but fashionable gloves. 


High-tech devices

Long-distance relationships often struggle because couples feel disconnected. However, there are some innovations that can help revive your connection despite being thousands of miles apart. From pillows that light up when your significant other is also in bed to bracelets that transmit touch, you can choose a device that best suits your lifestyle.   


Housewarming gift

If they recently moved, find a gift that will help them feel more at home. You might recall they have been complaining about something their new place doesn’t have, find a modern solution that you know they’ll appreciate. For instance, if they don’t have enough space, get them something that will help them stay organized. As someone who knows them well, you can probably also anticipate something they’d like to add to their living space. If they’re a craft cocktail connoisseur, buy them a bar cart and the essentials to go with it. If you want to go the extra mile, pay to have the delivery person assemble it for them. 


Personalized gift card stash 

You might think that gift cards are not a personal gift, but you put thought into what they’re for, they can be. You can plan out a perfect day for them with gift cards to each destination such as the movie theatre and restaurant or compile a stash for their favourite places so they can use them as they please. Gift cards are easy to order online and can be delivered directly to their door. 


When choosing your gift, make sure you think about the time it will take to get there and delivery conditions, but most importantly, choose something you know they will love. 

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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