Fun and Relaxing Home Games to enjoy

The holidays are here and the kids are home full time. You want to spend some time bonding with your kids instead of them playing video games the whole time. The tech-savvy kids of today can be difficult to please when it comes to games, especially indoor games. The good thing is that kids are not too difficult to understand. kids are mostly interested in action-packed games. Games that have enough physical activity, danger, and role-playing combined are the best kind for children, as long as there’s not much violence. Here are a few home game ideas to play with your kids.


Home air hockey table

An air home hockey table is a great upgrade for your game room at home. This game is competitive as there will be two people playing each other. It is a relaxing indoor game because you get to do some light exercise as you play. There are several types of home air hockey tables in the market. Be sure to find a home air hockey table that will suit your home.



Paintball is mainly a party game but this can be a fun game to play in the yard during a family barbecue or a simple weekend at home. To play this game you will need balloons, water and red or blue paint. Mix the paint with water and then fill the balloons with the coloured water. It is best to have two teams when playing this game. Each team is to hit their opponent with the coloured water balloons until one of them wins. Create a no man’s land to create a fair distance between the opponents.



Whether you are using, pillows, boxes, blocks, cards or popsicle sticks, building games are fun for kids. In such games, the person who builds the tallest tower wins. If you don’t want it to be competitive all of you can just use what you have in the house and build something that you can camp in later. This is a game that is likely to beat tv and increase bonding and teamwork during the holidays.


Treasure hunt

There is nothing as fun for kids as finding hidden objects especially when they get to win a prize in the end. You can make your kids feel like the next tomb raider by planning a great game of treasure hunt around the house. Start by writing down some clues on a piece of paper and hide them in simple places like their cereal bowls. The price can be coins that they get to save in their piggy banks after the game or candy. 


Other fun games you can play with your kids are hot potato, Simon says, bubbles among others. Kids today need to be shown that playing games outside or inside the house can be just as fun if not more than watching tv and playing video games. Some traditional games like tag or hide and seek will never grow old. 

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