From the Library: World History

I have to admit, I’ve always loved history, and while I would never consider myself a history buff, I do love to learn about the events that helped to shape our world, and World History: From the ancient world to the informative age, is the perfect book if you’re anything like me.

From the very first moments of man and the early events that would shape us, World History will take you on an interactive lesson from moment one, right up till today.

Written by Phillip Parker and released by DK Books in 2017, this stunning read is packed with amazing historical info, stunning photos, artefacts and maps that all work in perfect synergy to bring each of the 350 highlighted events to life.


This must-have coffee table book available in hardcover with a special sleeve looks at turning points throughout the ages but also includes and the key thinkers, leaders, ideas, and inventions involved, to recount the story of humanity’s journey.

Feature spreads throughout the book introduce and explain technological advances, military campaigns, influencers, and so much more as you find yourself curled up in the cold weather reading all about the decline of Ming, and the rise of Qing along with so many other fantastic pieces of info, a lot of which I didn’t know.

So if you’re looking to open up a window into the past and expand your knowledge of our world history, and buy a beautiful book for your collection, then you, like I, should pick up, World History today.

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