From the Library: The Tool Book

I grew up surrounded by tools thanks to a handyman father. Thus I spent summers as a teenager working in construction for my dad’s company so I became very used to and intrigued by tools, so much so I recently learnt all about making saddles in the 1800’s and what tools were involved, while being shown the actual step by step process.



So when my friends over at DK Books sent me The Tool Book written by Phil Davy, Jo Behari, Matthew Jackson, Luke Edwardes-Evans with a perfectly paired forward by Nick Offerman, I just had to pry it open, get my tools out, and have a read.

As I flipped through the pages the topics went from measuring and marking, cutting and shopping, fixing and fastening to so much more.



I knew there were a lot of tools out there, but this well-crafted book showcases more than 200 hand tools, along with how-to’s, information about them and their many uses. The Tool Book is literally the must have for any at home handyman right up to a professional general contractor, as it lays out everything you will ever need to know about a varying range.

Gallery pages display different types of hammers, spades, or chisels, while expert advice tells you what to look for when choosing a tool, and how to use it and care for it best. Discover why each tool is perfect for the job, and why it deserves a prominent spot in your shed, workshop, studio, or makerspace.



If you love tools like I do, then I have a sneaky feeling you’ll really enjoy this book that not only includes so much great info but is also visually quite nice to look at. Think of this as your second Tool Box, like the ultimate instruction leaf all packed into one truly awesome read.

Just make sure not to leave it in the garage, between you and me, it deserves better.



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