From seaside to Leaside: North Shore Pie Co. brings the taste of NZ to YYZ

Recently, Addicted Magazine had the chance to travel to New Zealand without having to step on a long and uncomfortable flight! Thanks to Anthony Spinley, owner of North Shore Pie Co, we got to experience a taste of Kiwi culture in our own city.

North Shore Pie Co, Toronto’s hottest place for pie addicts, celebrated their rebranding at Hemingway’s with Taste of New Zealand. This adventure led us to the heart of their culture, their diverse cuisine! Through scenery, imagery and tasty treats such as mini quiches, spinach and cream cheese gems and an amazing variety of savory pies, we were able to experience what it was like for North Shore Pie Co creator Anthony and his mostly Kiwi staff to grow up in the land down under.

Their hottest sellers are the amazing savory pies, which we had a chance to sample five varieties of.  Looking for the true Kiwi experience? The Steak and Cheese is filled with tender local steak, and in true New Zealand fashion was paired with ketchup, or as they call it down under, tomato sauce. But there are options for everyone, including vegans, with their Vegetarian Curry flavour. All baked in house by their New Zealand born baker, Bonnie, you know that there is no better way to try a pie.

As the weather changes, look no further than North Shore Pie Co to fuel your wanderlust. Grab a friend, your boots and an uber to one of their two locations for a flat white and the most authentic pie experience around!



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  1. NoWoolOverTheseEyes

    So, after several bad online reviews of their pies and their behaviour towards customers at their retail locations, they rebrand.  That will not make up for the lost customers and ever-worsening quality of their pies and often stale baked goods.  Let’s not forget how poor ratings on their old Facebook page ‘magically’ disappeared, so that it looked like they only had high ratings…