From Brain Puzzles to Online Slots: The Best Types of Fast Online Games for a Quick Break

It happens to every single one of us. Sometimes during the day you just need a bit of personal time doing something fun, yet time is a very valuable commodity these days. If you are fond of games, like any decent adult should be, worry not: The internet again comes to the rescue, as you can find an abundance of quick and easy games online to spend that quick office break unwinding.


Puzzle Games: Perfect for Everyone

Most people are obsessed with puzzles, in one form or the other: from Words with Friends to a jigsaw, games that help us exercise different types of our mental capacities are probably on top of everyone’s list. Some of the most popular games on mobile phones are puzzle games – and your smartphone is your best friend when you need a quick game on the go while commuting. Puzzle games can keep you entertained while training other skills like reflexes or even your math skills – who can forget the insanely addictive 2048? Tetris might be the ultimate puzzle game for most people, but there are many other variants to choose from.


Online Slot Games: Quick and Easy Games of Luck

If training the gray cells isn’t your definition of fun, you could try games of luck instead. Instead of wringing your brain to find the answer to a puzzle, you can get enjoy the excitement of an unknown outcome. There are many casino games like roulette and dice that rely on luck, or card games like blackjack and poker that also require skill. Yet the definitive quick and easy game of luck that you could play from anywhere is online slots. In this virtual version of the land-based slot machine, you simply choose a game with a layout and gameplay that you find appealing and go for a few spins to test your luck. The industry is far from simple. If you know your slot games, then you know that there is plenty to choose from, from classic slots with three reels and frequent payouts to flashy video slots and fancy progressive slots that share a jackpot, there is something for every taste.



Escape-The-Room: For Those Who Fancy Interactive Games (with Dramatic Music)

Another type of games that saw an explosion in its popularity since the 2010s are escape games. They fall under the point-and-click type of adventure games, as the player navigates their environment and interacts with it by pointing at objects or surfaces and clicking. Escape games usually position the player in a locked room with the ultimate goal of breaking out of it. As the player explores the surroundings, they gradually pick up objects and manipulate mechanisms along several steps that will lead to their escape. Hidden puzzles and clues are also found across the room, helping the player make sense of the next steps. The popularity of these games has inspired proper escape rooms beyond the virtual world, that have hardcore fans around the globe.


Whatever game you choose, make sure to also understand how it works on the platform of your choice. There are app versions of many popular games, but if you are an old-fashioned type of person then you can find many online browser games for free – no registration needed, just press play and have fun!



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