Four Things You Need For A Greener Drive

We need to be kinder and more considerate to the environment and the world around us.

It’s hard to have missed the news lately of the devastating fires in the Amazon, or the melting ice caps. We’re all living with our actions on this planet, and it’s about time we start taking responsibility for those actions.

Where you can, making good swaps from single-use plastics to reusable, recycling your waste and reducing your consumption of gas and petrol should be a priority. There are plenty of ways that you can make your transport and your method of getting around better for the world, too. Sure, you can’t change the way that you travel if you have to go long distances and need to fly, but you can still do better daily. Starting with your driving.


Check Your Pressure

The worse condition your car is in, the harder your car will have it. Instead of worrying about whether you have the right brand of tire, check if they have the right tire pressure. Tire pressure really does count. The harder your car has to work, the more energy it uses to do so. There’s also the added issue of it being bad for your safety to have tires that lack the right pressure, so think on that!


Switch To Electric

If you have the means to do so, get an electric vehicle. They’re not just a trend right now; they’re necessary for the continuation of our planet. With the help of a Level 2 Electrical Vehicle installer, you can have a charging port installed outside your home and get your car ready for the day easily. Bear in mind how far you’ll get in an electric car vs what you need, but you’ll be doing the environment a favour, with just a little added planning.


Slow Down!

Speeding is not safe, illegal and burns the most fuel while driving at excessive speeds. Gas mileage decreases rapidly when speeds are over 50mph, and for every 5mph you go over 50, you’re going to end up spending much more cash on gas. You should be looking at improving your fuel economy as well as improving the impact on the environment, and you can do this with better driving habits and avoiding speeding.

On the opposite side, stop and go city driving also burns a lot of gas and emits a ton of emissions, if you can walk, or take a bike instead even just some of the time, it can make a genuine impact, especially if we all did it!


Stop Waiting

If you are parked and waiting for someone, turn off the engine. Don’t sit in idle and run down your gas; it makes no sense to do that. Not only that, but you’re also going to be pumping more into the environment and there’s no need!


There’s no manual for how to be a good person or how to live each and every moment with a thought towards the environment and the planet, but by each of us making little changes individually, as a society and a collective, we can make a big difference.



Founder, CEO at Addicted
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