Four People Using Their Social Media Addictions For Good

Social Media sometimes feels like a giant riddle. What isolates people, but brings them together? Where do you find the best people, and the worst people? Answer: social media. It’s a new and strange world where it feels like anything goes. Memes are funny, but kind of weird, kids are eating Tide Pods and comment trolls abound. It’s easy to feel kind of lost in the social media machine.


Let’s be honest, you can never see too many cute kittens and dogs on your IG feed. But what happens when you’re tired of seeing ads for hair growth gummies and videos of kids flossing. The dance, not their teeth. Well, here are four social media accounts that use your social media addiction for good.

Allegra Shaw

Okay sure, she’s a fashion and beauty blogger/YouTuber BUT this girl is an inspiration. She’s an open and honest YouTube personality with a huge heart. She also not only supports and promotes Canadian brands, but seeks out sustainable brands, like Girlfriend Collective, to partner with. In addition to responsible shopping, Allegra has recently joined forces with SickKids, to help them raise money to update their facilities. For those of you who don’t live in Toronto, SickKids is a children’s hospital downtown that has been operating with outdated facilities and have partnered with influential voices like Allegra Shaw to help raise funds for this project. When she isn’t saving children’s hospitals, Allegra Shaw is creating a fashion empire.

Uncle Studios

Locally sourced, sustainable packaging, handmade fashion. Enough said. But for real this is the brain child of Allegra Shaw. Most pieces are androgenous and can be sized up for men (or down for women). Plus, their Bell Hooks tee is the epitome of feminist fashion. Uncle is small, but mighty, and every penny earned is reinvested into Uncle. Since there’s no physical store, Uncle has to pack each piece into those tiny plastic bags before shipping them out. Which, by the way are +90% recycled materials and biodegradable.

Black Jaguar White Tiger

Cat videos for a cause! Black Jaguar White Tiger is a foundation dedicated to rescuing and the rehabilitation of big cats. Eduardo, the founder, has made it his mission to help humanity love their planet again, and it all starts with love and respect. To date, Eduardo has over 300 big cats under his foundation’s protection, and they’ve saved over 200 other animals like bears, dogs, coyotes and even little piggies.

Mimi Hammer

Not just another bikini company. On a platform where users are bombarded with half-naked women with impossibly perfect bodies, Mimi Hammer is a breath of fresh air. Not only do they create beautiful swimwear, but they empower their customers to be a communal voice of body positivity. Not only is it refreshing to see real people wearing the pieces in real life, but it makes it so much easier to shop. Women can easily see how the swimwear looks on different body types. Kudos to Mimi and we always love to see Canadian women killing it!


Innate Studios

Innate Studios is a social media agency that navigated the social media machine to help you amplify your voice! They sift through the noise and find you the most engaged communities to share your message with. Innate Studios also knows who to follow and why. Innate Studios specializes in organic growth and authentic engagement. This means no bots, no fake accounts and no purchased followers or likes. If you’re looking to up your Insta game, go on and book your discovery call now.

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Jessica Ferraro

Jessica Ferraro

Meet Jessica Ferraro, a local Torontonian who recently ditched the 9-5 grind to follow her entrepreneurial dream. Jessica is addicted to all things fashion and beauty, and loves to share this obsession on her instagram, Jessihearts. She turned this addiction into a blossoming agency. Jessica’s brainchild, Innate Studios, is a social media agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs amplify their voice.
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