Four of the Most Extravagant Room Service Menus in Hotels and Resorts

Throughout the years, in-house dining has grown to become one of the main attractions of staying in a hotel. That said, some establishments go above and beyond in relation to the service that they provide. So, let’s take a look at four of the most extravagant room services menus at various hotels and resorts.

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Anantara Siam, Bangkok 

Located in the capital city of Thailand, the Anantara Siem is regarded as one of the world’s most luxurious hotels in relation to its in-house dining experiences. Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter what time of day that you check-in at, as the world-renowned hotel offers all-day room service for 24-hour indulgence.


Regardless of taste preferences or the time of day, there is plenty of choice on the Anantara Siam’s extravagant menu. For example, at breakfast, which is served between 7 am and 10 am, guests can choose between a wide array of different dining options. These include continental items, such as seasonal fruits, as well as traditional breakfast favourites and griddle dishes. 

Moreover, it’s a testament to the diverse nature of the in-room menu that a selection of the dishes includes some of the country’s unique spices. Furthermore, visitors can also choose between an extensive drinks menu, with room service available being for hot beverages, in addition to alcoholic and soft drink alternatives.


The Dorchester, London 

There can be few doubts that the in-house menu at The Dorchester offers guests a unique blend of traditional English meals and diverse continental options. The London-based hotel also provides guests with a 24-hour service, which allows for fresh, seasonal dishes to be cooked and delivered on-demand. For £38, those booked into the hotel can enjoy a traditional English breakfast, which includes homemade pastries, organic eggs, sauteed mushrooms, as well as the dishes other pivotal components, like bacon and hash browns.


Moreover, for the full British experience, guests can indulge themselves in the Dorchester’s extravagant afternoon tea. The staple of British culture is viewed as a celebration within the hotel, with guests able to choose between a selection of cakes, finger sandwiches, pastries, and scones. Moreover, there is also the option to add a glass of Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee champagne to the unique dining experience.


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Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas 

It’s hardly surprising that the Entertainment Capital of the World is the home to a resort with high-class dining opportunities. Similarly to Anantara Siam, the Palms Casino Resort has developed a room service menu that has something for everyone. The Vegas-based establishment provides 24-hour vegan cuisine, as well as a late-night menu, which spans from 11 pm to 6 am.

Regarding the food that’s on offer, guests can indulge themselves in extravagant dishes, including the smoked beer can chicken, which comes with corn hash, sauteed arugula, and tomatoes. Furthermore, more traditional options are also available in the form of classic burgers and pizzas. 


That said, the surroundings in which to enjoy your in-house orders are, in relation to price, unrivalled by any other rooms around throughout the globe. The Palms Casino Resort is said to house the most expensive casino suite in the world and, indeed, the Empathy Suite costs approximately £82,000 a night. But that’s not the only casino suite in the resort: for a more palatable fee of around £25,000, the Hardwood Suite features a private basketball court for which – upon request – the hotel will also provide jerseys and cheerleading outfits.


The Surrey, New York  

Throughout the United States of America, many establishments go above and beyond for their guests regarding in-house dining. Much like Palms Casino Resort, The Surrey is renowned for top-tier room service. Primarily, the New York-based hotel is famous for its menu, with multiple dishes being served by the Michelin-starred Café Boulud.


The Surrey has worked on developing their in-house dining options as they strive to place guest privacy at the forefront for their visitors. As is the case with the above hotels and resorts, the New York-located establishment also provides an all-day service. During which time, guests can order from a wide array of seasonal dishes, including gourmet options, such as Peekytoe crab benedict.


Similar Services, Unique Experiences

Ultimately, there can be no doubts that the above establishments offer some of the most extravagant room service menus in the world. However, each manages to do so in their own unique way. While Palms Casino Resort concentrates on guests enjoying freshly-made dishes in an action-packed environment, the Dorchester, on the other hand, focuses more on celebrating cultural traditions.



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