For the Love of Chocolate

So now we are onto a new year, and we have all made our resolutions and all that jazz, but really lets be serious, Chocolate, like wearing black, will always be in style, and will always make you feel your best. And, after a long day of braving the cold Canadian elements, nothing is more satisfying than coming home and enjoying delicious, home-cooked comfort food that warms you from the inside out. With those thoughts in mind, we wanted to share some ideas for some amazing winter desserts made with Chocolate from Green and Black’s.

Since 1991, Green & Black’s Organic has grown to become the world leader in organic and Fair Trade chocolate and is “committed to the creation of chocolate products that provide a taste experience like no other” which using only organically grown cocoa, sourced principally from the Dominican Republic, Green & Black’s Organic believes “it’s possible to respect our earth while indulging in the best things it has to offer” we we couldn’t agree more.

Lighthouse Chocolate Bread
This Lighthouse Chocolate Bread is a scrumptious, full-flavoured dessert that can be enjoyed at anytime of day. To really impress your guests, use Green & Black’s 70% Chocolate to give this bread a distinct depth of flavour.

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Using Green & Black’s 70% Chocolate, this ultimate comfort food will be a hit with even the most distinguished chocolate connoisseur. Whip-up this festive favourite in less than an hour and a half and serve with vanilla iced-cream. Sit back, relax and indulge.

G & B’s Egg Nog*
A nod to a true holiday classic, this always pleasing mixture of milk, double cream and sugar with a kick of chilli and ginger is sure to warm the palate. Use your favourite Bourbon and top with Green & Black’s White Chocolate foam to take this beverage from delicious to exquisite.

Chocolate Flip*
A dark chocolate lovers dream, this bold and easy drinking option is perfect for a brisk twilight evening. Combine Green & Black’s Organic 85% Cacao with spiced rum for a memorable holiday cocktail.

So if your looking to really indulge your sweet tooth this winter, or maybe just nibble on a little delicious chocolate, maybe you should try Green and Black’s.



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