Fool’s Gold: PB and J and Bacon, Oh My!

The F Word, a wonderful upcoming indie rom-com starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, was shot in Toronto, and sees some of its food jump off the screen and onto your plate at the George St Diner. A subject of banter between the leads was the Fool’s Gold sandwich. This is a sandwich like no other. This interesting snack was made infamous by Elvis Presley when the King apparently had a most epic midnight snack run. He purportedly flew on his private jet from Graceland to Denver, Colorado (the home of Fool’s Gold) where 22 sandwiches were delivered and then consumed without Presley leaving his plane.

fool's gold sandwich from the f word movie at george st diner in toronto

What exactly is a Fool’s Gold sandwich, you ask? Take a large loaf of Italian white bread, smother it in butter and bake. Once crispy and golden, slice in half and hallow out each side. Fill one with an entire jar of peanut butter, the other with a jar of jam. Layer a pound of bacon, combine and dig in. Can serve up to 10 depending on appetites and desired caloric intake levels.

Throughout August, the George St Diner will be placing Fool’s Gold on their menu. Thankfully, the diner is making a more manageable version for consumption. Scaling down the size and opting for challah was a very good call.

Addicted was lucky enough to head down to the diner to sample this odd sounding sandwich. Though I like all the ingredients individually, I’d yet to sandwich them all together. Admittedly, there was hesitation, an uncertainty if they really should be placed together. To my taste buds’ delight, with the first bite I confirmed something I’d speculated to be true for years: bacon really does go with everything!

So head to George St Diner, sit in the actual booth the stars frequented, and mow down on a Fool’s Gold sandwich. It would be the perfect post movie meal!

The F Word hits theatres on Friday, August 22. Stay tuned for Addicted’s review of the film.

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