Follow the Music – A festival road trip adventure with the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

When you’re as big of a music junkie as I am, your search for amazing live music experiences doesn’t end with your hometown. I’ve definitely got some musical road trips under my belt, and while the destination is important, it really is the car that makes the journey. Recently I put the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport to the road trip test, with not one but two musical destinations in mind.

This July, Mark and I headed to Quebec to take in two of the province’s most legendary festivals, Montreal International Jazz Festival and Festival D’Ete de Quebec. The entire journey clocked in at over 1600 kilometres round trip, and that’s not counting the little adventures we knew we would take once we reached our destinations. We knew we would need a car that was comfortable for our long journey. We also wanted it to be fuel efficient, fun to drive, but also put safety first.  The Santa Fe Sport hit all those points and more.


The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is as stylish on the outside as it is comfortable and functional on the inside. Our model came in a Blue Marlin. That chic blue tone accentuated the sleek sporty body of the car and contrasted well with the chrome handles and sporty front grille. The car is effortlessly eye-catching, and knowing you’re turning heads as you drive down the road is just a great feeling.

Speaking of style, I’m sure it surprises none of you to know that Mark and I are master over-packers. But that wasn’t an issue on this trip. The storage area of the Santa Fe easily stored our two massive suitcases (seriously, MASSIVE), both of our Ynot backpacks with various electronics in them, and all the other random supplies we needed for the trip. All that with room to spare.  

A stylish ride that let us embrace our style? Definitely a win for us.


When you’re in the car for 6+ hours, a comfortable ride in a comfortable car is key. And the Santa Fe definitely delivered. Between the super comfy front seats and the dual-zone automatic climate control, we barely noticed the hot temperature outside. The steering wheel was comfortable to hold onto for extended periods of time. It also had tons of controls for everything I needed. I could change stations on the radio, use a Bluetooth connected phone and engage and disengage the cruise control with just the touch of a button. The huge gas tank nearly got us all the way to Montreal, so you know fuel economy was top of mind with this car. That fantastic gas mileage also meant that stopping along our journey was more about stretching our legs than about filling the tank. Talk about putting our comfort first, thanks Hyundai!



When it comes to roadtrip driving, safety is a priority. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is stacked with great features that keep you safe every step of the way. Its available all-wheel drive created a strong and comfortable driving feeling on the highway. The camera system and parking sensors made parking a breeze, despite the fact that I was still getting used to the dimensions of the car. No matter where we were and what we were doing, we felt safe doing it in this car.



With its powerful engine that and modern all-wheel drive system and Active Cornering Control, driving the Santa Fe felt like driving a sports car in the body of an SUV. The car felt light on the road, was extremely responsive and picked up speed on the highway with ease. I found myself having to set the cruise control to the speed limit to avoid speeding, that’s how much fun it was to drive the car.

So if you’re looking for a new SUV to meet your safe and savvy driving needs, look no further than the Hyundai Santa Fe. It’s Addicted road trip approved!


This post is in partnership with Hyundai Canada and Addicted Media Inc.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly