Flying Drones; Ready for a new hobby?

It’s great to have a hobby. As we already know, a hobby can help with your state of mental health, allow you to learn new skills and talents and meet new people. But why is flying drones fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies around? Well, it’s not that surprising really. People have been fascinated with model flight for as long as there have been model aircraft clubs and flying drones is just a more modern, and let’s be honest, much cooler version of that traditional hobby. So let’s take a look at just why so many of us are getting into it?


Anyone Can Do It

Anyone can fly a drone, it’s as simple as buying your first drone, charging it up and going out to practice somewhere. You don’t usually need a license, unless you are flying in restricted airspace, or are looking to use it in some commercial capacity, such as selling photography obtained via the use of your drone. Although you don’t need to obtain a license all drone pilots in the USA are required to register their device with the FAA, which is a relatively simple process. But just because there is no license requirement, it is expected that considerate behaviour should be observed and you can still fall foul of existing privacy laws if you use the drone unethically.


It Can Be Combined With Photography

If you are a keen photographer then you can easily combine that hobby with this one. Many drones have an onboard camera built-in and this can be used to take some stunning aerial view photographs. But you can also mount your own camera on the drone if you are a little more specific about your photography or want a specific type of image.


Technology Is Improving All The Time

It is an interesting field to be involved in because being such a tech-orientated interest the manufacturers are looking at improvements all the time. From commercial and military drones looking at smart-drones to normal advances such as how overheating is avoided with the use of battery elimination, or drones that can use sensors to analyze their surroundings or automatically avoid collisions. Who knows what the future will bring but being an area that is very closely linked to robotics it’s highly unlikely that the advancements are going to cease anytime in the near future.


It’s Flying Without Even Leaving The Ground

One of the best things though about being a drone enthusiast is that you have the opportunity to be a pilot and fly without ever leaving the ground. You don’t have the expense of flying lessons, a pilot’s exam or the astronomical cost of renting or buying an aircraft. It really does make it the most accessible form of flight to an ordinary person like you or me.


The Drone Flying Community

As with any dedicated pursuit, the drone flying community has as much of an opportunity for the social aspect of it all as with any others. The prevalence of this new hobby around the world means that it’s likely that your city or region will have at least one drone flying club, and if not there are plenty of online forums and communities where members discuss drones, flights and even share pics and videos from their flights.


It Can Be Turned Into A Way To Make Money

As well as being a kick-ass hobby did you know drone owners can be raking in as much as $200 per hour using these handy little bits of kit? If you are good there are all sorts of photography applications such as commercial shoots, such as real estate listings or businesses that want images of the premises for their website to wedding photography. There are also opportunities for inspection of commercial equipment, such as wind turbines, etc. if you have the skills and knowledge to do this?


You Can Enter Competitions

Did you known there are drone flying competitions that you can enter as well, these are high speed, high skill races that combine speed, reflexes, and awareness and can be done with ultra-fast quadcopter drones that can reach speeds of up to 125 mph, the prize money in these events can be into the tens of thousands. Of course, there are lower key events, and local competitions as well, as with everything there is a recreational level as well as an elite version of all of these types of things.


So, if you are looking for a new hobby, why not try flying a drone?

Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!