Five Tips To Get Road Trip Ready

Is there anything more fun than hitting the open road in your car? The total freedom and rush of just throwing a dart at a map and going for it without restriction or rules from people around you? Nope. That’s a feeling and a rush that never really goes away, especially if you crave the hit it gives you!

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The one thing that you need to do, though, before you follow that trail into the beyond, is making sure that you have a well-maintained car. There is no point in any of it if your vehicle is going to break down on the road! It’s also not a good idea to go out into the world if your car isn’t up for the job. The only way to know whether you are going to need replacement Holden parts or not is if you see a mechanic. You need to get your car ready for a road trip, but that doesn’t just mean ‘pack snacks’ – though that’s a very valid thing to do! Here are five tips for getting a road-trip-ready.


  1. Get your car cleaned. Before you go out on the road, getting your car professionally cleaned is an intelligent decision to make. It will make sure that you feel like your car is ready to travel and it’s brilliant on the road. It’s going to get dirty as you go anyway, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t just treat your car and the interior of your car before you go! Once it’s as clean as it can be, you’ll be more inclined to keep it that way while you travel, too!
  2. Check the lights. Of course, you’ll be taking your car to see someone and get it looked over before you go. However, you need to look as well! Are the lights working? From the brake lights to the interior lights, are you lit up and ready? Do you have torches and spare batteries, and light bulbs in the trunk of the car? If you don’t, it’s time to get equipped. 
  3. Give your tyres a push. You need to check your tyres before you believe that there is an issue. That means giving them a push to check the pressure and ensuring that you’re not dealing with one that’s got a nail pushed into it. You need your tyred, ready and rocking before you start driving.
  4. Get your wipers checked. You might be forecasting a dry week, but you can guarantee that the bugs that will be flying into your windshield will still need your attention. You should make sure that the wipers are working and they are filled with fluid in the right place, too!
  5. Check the brakes. Your mechanic will do this for you, but you need to ask them to do it. The brakes are an integral part of your checking system, and if yours aren’t working, then you have some issues ahead! Get them checked and ensure that you know they are working for sure.




Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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