Five Innovations in Online Gaming Tech

The online gaming industry has been at the forefront of technology advancements, using whatever possible to upgrade the service on offer. The industry is highly competitive, with bookmakers trying to create new and inventive areas of their service that make them stand out from the crowd.

But what are the top innovations we have seen in online gaming? Here is a rundown of the top five, which hit the Technology news feeds when they were released because they were so impressive.

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#5 Fast Withdrawals

When you win, get money from games, or even online betting, you want to be able to enjoy the moment and spend the cash. In the past, with few payment options open, returns from your online bookmaker took days to come through.

That is no longer the case now, with the use of e-wallets as a payment method. These work faster as they don’t require a bank’s authorisation, meaning you have your money quicker.


#4 Cash Out at anytime

Technology allows bookmakers to offer this, with a computer determining the payout on your bet at any given time based on the results at that moment. If you are unsure about what may happen in the future, you can cash out and take the offer.

This creates further options and flexibility for punters, which can never be a bad thing.


#3 Live Streaming

2020, and most probably 2021 were brought to you by, Live Steaming. From zoom to conversations with friends via many different options, this past year bought all the live streaming one could imagine, even in gaming and betting.

Nowadays, you can bet on many things, from football worldwide to big eSports competitions, and then watch the action live on your bookmaker’s streaming site. In particular, eSports have been covered extensively, which has led to more people using a bonus to bet on live eSports.

Streaming adds a lot of fun and excitement to the betting and is available thanks to bookmakers using all the available technology.


#2 Live Gaming

Not only can you watch along as the game unfolds, but thanks to another innovation, you can also play in real-time while the game is taking place.

Many have found this type of gaming useful and a great and fun way to pass the time.


#1 Mobile Gaming

We end with mobile gaming, an innovation that has taken the industry out to places it probably never thought it would reach.

With a mobile phone and connection to the internet, anyone in the world can access a bookmaker and play a game.


So play hard, have fun, and remember to always keep a full charge.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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