Find the beauty in science: Beakerhead in Calgary

I’ve always loved the festival experience. Whether it be music, food, arts or culture, the idea of people coming together, no matter how different they may be, but all for the same purpose, is something that has always inspired awe within me. I’m always open to discovering new festivals in new places, which is what brings me to Beakerhead.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Beakerhead is where art, science and engineering come together in an entertaining, educational and innovative festival experience. Now in its fourth year, Beakerhead will be taking place between September 14th and 18th, with events happening all around the Calgary area. In 2015 over 110,000 people attended Beakerhead, and surely as many will take part in the more than 60 (and mostly free to attend) events happening across the city. There will also be a variety of ticketed events, ranging from musical performances, fun food studies and experiences, hands-on workshops and tours, some of which have already sold out due to popular demand. are also on sale.

“This year, the line- up includes an extraordinary culinary event, public spectacles in different parts of the city, more than 30 restaurants in Engineered Eats, dozens of shows and workshops and, for the first time, a variety of tours,” says Mary Anne Moser, President and Co-founder of Beakerhead.

Check out some of the exciting highlights at this year’s Beakerhead:


This will be an evening full of quirky surprises that will illuminate the streets of Bridgeland. Everyone will enjoy interactive works and performances, live music, the Beakerbar, a pedal-powered brain, a can-crushing cow and a human-sized hamster wheel, just to name to few.


This original food experience will jolt everyone’s expectations. Six top Calgary chefs and mixologists will be getting creative in an industrial compound turned skate park in Ramsay. Imagine a car on its side turning a spit, a giant flame under an array of roasted trout in wire baskets, and a warehouse setting full of surprises.

Cornstarch Walk

For the adventurous types, try your luck at walking across a trough of cornstarch and water – barefoot – without sinking! Not as easy as it sounds!

Ghost River Theatre’s Touch

Ever been to a play in a hair salon? Neither have I, but thanks to this partnership between the Ghost River Theatre and the Aveda Institute Calgary this intimate and multi sensory experience is yet another great event to attend.


This event will be the international premiere of  a two-story high communications device for sending messages to outer space – if you can crack the code. Hop in! It’s in the East Village.

Engineered Eats;

Beakerhead attendees will get the chance to explore engineered temptations at 32 participating bars and restaurants during Beakerhead – citywide.

Love Labs: the darker side of relationships

Is revenge really sweet? Science may just have the answer. Experts weigh in on this heated subject in the original love lab: a pub!

And that’s just a few of the cool things that will be taking place at Beakerhead! Event information, schedules and ticket purchasing information can all be found at

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly