Falling in love with natural beauty with Mary from Eye Love Beauty Bar

Extremes in life are generally not the greatest idea, and that philosophy also applies to beauty and self care.  Thanks to media, both social and mainstream, we’re inundated with images of sculpted bodies and faces, sometimes altered by cosmetic procedures, caked with makeup, layered with false lashes and expertly lit to hide every perceived flaw.  When these images are what pass for aspirational, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to actually look, and BE human.

Despite what we may see on our favorite celebrity or reality show plastic surgeon’s Instagram feed, we don’t need to drastically change our appearances to be happy and fulfilled, especially when it can sometimes come at the risk of and detriment to our health, both mental and physical.  And it would appear that this mindset is catching on.  These days more and more people seem to be embracing a more natural beauty standard, and many in the supporting industries are following suite.

Enter Mary Dang, founder and boss babe of Eye Love Beauty Bar.  Located in the heart of Queen Street West, Eye Love is a sanctuary for havers of brows, lashes and faces in all forms can come to become the best version of themselves.  Focusing on a more natural beauty aesthetic, Eye Love’s mission is to help every client embrace their own more natural version of beauty.

The Eye Love Beauty Bar Team

We got the chance to chat with Mary, founder of Eye Love Beauty Bar, about beauty standards and why embracing one’s natural self is important.


What is Eye Love Beauty Bar’s beauty philosophy?

Enhancing natural beauty.


How would you describe the concept of “natural beauty” when it comes to both beauty in general and your areas of expertise, brows and lashes?

For eye love our goal is to have women feel confident within their own skin. You don’t have to put on a ton of eyelash extensions to look beautiful but a bit of enhancement to eventuate your natural beauty goes a long way. Whether having a lash lift or a subtle lash extension our approach goes a long way.


Is it more important to follow the latest trend when it comes to brows/lashes, or to learn what works best for you?

It’s definitely better to work with what works for you. Trends are good to follow but there’s a time and place. Trends can be fun to explore but for an everyday look, it’s not ideal.


Why is promoting a more natural beauty ideal through your business so important to you?

I want women to feel empowered with what they naturally have and not mask it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.


These days it would appear more invasive aesthetic and beauty treatments like Botox, fillers and other forms of medical cosmetic procedures are becoming extremely normalized, and at any age.  Does this type of trend concern you, and why, and do you see it tapering off or increasing?

I’m not against Botox, it is a personal choice and if the procedure is necessary then I’m all for a little enhancement. There’s a fine line between what’s necessary and what’s too much Botox. With social media influencing beauty trends it’s no surprise that cosmetic surgery is a roaring trend that is not going away anytime soon. People are striving for physical perfection for the wrong reasons and that I don’t support. Online social pressures are at an all-time high. What we all need to do is to take a step back and love ourselves without comparing. We are all human and imperfectly perfect, that’s what I think is beautiful.


What is one question you get asked ALL THE TIME at Eye Love that you can share with us, and what is your answer?

“Should I be microblading my eyebrows?.” This all depends on what condition your eyebrows are in. I only recommend microblading to clients I’ve worked on for a while and truly know that there’s just no hope for hair regrowth. The simple answer is that you should only microblade if necessary. If you have balding brows or over plucked brows and they just won’t grow back, then yes, try microblading. Once I know my client has exhausted all their options, and understands all the factors that come along with it, I will perform this service.

When it comes to eyes/lashes/brows:

  • What is one beauty trend out there that you wish would just go away?

The Instagram Brow. Eyebrows should look real and never forced. The IG brow is bold and heavily drawn in. Natural arches vs. overly defined anyday.

  • What is one that you wish you would see more of?

One trend I would like to see more of is glowing skin. Embracing good skin, with a great pair of natural looking brows is the perfect Eye Love look. These fundamental features should glow and accentuate what’s naturally there. You can then enhance with cosmetics.


Can you share your own skincare/beauty routine with us?

The Mary Dang routine:


In the morning, I splash my face with water and then I spritz the Caudalie Grape Water over my face to soothe and moisturize my skin. Then I use the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum to brighten my complexion. Since I have naturally dry skin I always use face food, this is essential, and my go-to is from Weleda. I always finish off with an SPF 50 spray. Protect that skin!

Before bed I double cleanse all the build up from the day away with the Pai Rosehip Cleanser. Then I use the Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, it’s super hydrating for the skin. Serum is my next product, right now I’m using the Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-aging Serum. If my skin is really dry I will use a night cream, otherwise I skip right to my Grape Water Mist to lock in all these products for the night.


Who is your own beauty icon/idol and why?

I have many people who inspire me it’s hard to pick one. Katie Jane Hughes, is on my list, she’s fun, creative and I love her creative approach to makeup. It’s creative but still attainable and not too trendy. It’s a style you can comfortably rock anytime. Katie is all about healthy skin and brows, also what I love.


What is one piece of advice you would give to everyone out there when it comes to brow and lash beauty?

Always natural, never forced!

If you’re ready to reveal your best brows and lashes, the natural way, then head over to Eye Love Beauty Bar.  See below for their website and socials, and make your brow and lash dreams come true!






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