Failure and Swervedriver at the Phoenix

LA’s Failure began at the forefront of the American experimental alt-rock scene in 1990 along with counterparts like Tool and Nine Inch Nails. The separating factor between these bands was the attention to sonic detail Failure paid to their live and recorded sound. So much so, that Greg Edwards and Ken Andrews returned to the studio to re-record their début album, Comfort because they weren’t ultimately happy with its sound. Adding drummer Kelli Scott to the band and getting it right the first time with their sophomore release, Magnified, caused critics to notice Failure, raving about the solidity of the band, the songs and their sound. Their third album, Fantastic Planet, was the album that rose the band to their highest heights, mainly through the single, Stuck On You rising up indie and mainstream Billboard charts. Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen joined the band following its release. That album signaled the pre-millennium demise of Failure as they broke up in 1997. Each member jetted in different directions with Edwards forming Autolux, Edwards finding success behind the mixing desk and with his ON project and Scott joining Canadian critical darlings,  Blinker the Star as well as becoming a sought after studio drummer. Van Leeuwen, as is now well-known, joined Queens of the Stone Age.

Rumours of a reunion surfaced in 2014 and sure enough, Failure began playing shows with the original lineup minus Van Leeuwen, who presumably was settled in his full-time job as a Queen. Almost 20 years after the release of Fantastic Planet, Failure released The Heart is a Monster. The 18-song album became the highest-charting Failure album to date and the supporting shows were reported to be visually as well as aurally stunning. In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind was released in November 2018 and they hit the road the following March. Joining them for these shows are garage rock ingénues Criminal Hygiene and the godfathers of shoegaze, Swervedriver. While Swervedriver were the sonic sledgehammers their fans expected, playing several songs from their latest album, Future Ruins, they leaned back to play faves like Duel, Girl on a Motorbike and Never Lose That Feeling from 1993’s Mezcal Head. After a quick changeover dumping a ton of tech onto the stage, Failure hit the stage to play three songs off the latest album. Easily the best live sound I’ve heard at the Phoenix Concert Theatre complimented by a stunning light show, the set touched on all their releases but focused on the new album and fan favourite, Fantastic Planet.

The tour winds through the US West Coast for the remainder of the month. Check here for when they’re close to you.



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