Face-T releases his first independant album, EP1

Montreal reggae artist and master collaborator Face-T is coming out with his first independant album, and it’s pretty awesome.

It’s been over two years since new Face-T’s tunes last graced the ears and moved the hips of reggae lovers. During that time the artist was hard at work crafting his latest effort EP 1, with the help of legendary Montreal producer Poirier.  Glaswegian sound system warriors Mungo’s Hi Fi, Polish reggae ambassador Dreadsquad, Montreal’s own Scorpio B, and Poirier himself contribuited beats to what has now become the United Nations of reggae albums. And the best news? It’s only the beginning. EP1 marks the beginning of a new cycle of releases for Face T, paving the way for the eventual release of EP2.

“Self releasing this EP makes me feel a mix of pride and excitement, similar to fatherhood”, explains the singer. “I really wanted to take my time to work on it and have fun with the process. For instance, each song was recorded in a different spot -one was at Boogat’s house, another at Poirier’s… They’re also all quite different from each other, which gave me the opportunity to push my vocal range in ways which hadn’t explored before”.

Montreal born, the Jamaican raised Face-T first appeared on the music scene in 2002 with his group Kulcha Connection. With that band Face T enjoyed radio success and released two albums in Canada and in France. He then started to work and tour with DJ/producer Poirier (Ninja Tune, Mixpak, Man Recordings).  That collaboration gave birth to soundclash tunes like “Wha-La-La-Leng” and “Enemies”, as well as a release with electro kings Crookers “Arena”. In 2012, Face-T’s “We Rule The Area feat. Mikey Dangerous” got the “remix treatment” by established names like Mungo’s Hi Fi, Dreadsquad and Dubmatix.

EP1 finds Face-T evolving his sound, while staying true to that classic reggae style. As an Ontario girl I was immediately brought back to my days of dancing to Sean Paul in nightclubs near my alma mater The University of Western Ontario, where my usualy rock music saturated ears were first introduced to reggae, and my belly dancing hips learned the joys of dancing to it.  Face-T’s sound is far more organic and warm than Paul’s even to an amateur like me, making listening to his heartlfelt yet lighthearted album all the more enjoyable.

On March 27th, the world-class singer will storm the stage at Belmont in Montreal to celebrate the release of his first independently-released EP. Accompanied by a new 5 piece band, Fwace-T will once again inspire ears to engage and hips to sway with his great amazing music. Fans will even be treated to DJ sets by Riddim Wise and Poirier.  Until then, check out the album tracklist here and get yourself pumped for a night of winding.

1- True Love (Serious Time Riddim), produced by Mungo’s Hi Fi (UK)

2- Ready For, produced by Poirier (CA)

3- Dem A Thief, produced by Scorpio B (CA)

4- Wine (Come Time Riddim), produced by Dreadsquad (POL)

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly