Exterior Matters – 6 Ways To Give Your House Some Curb Appeal

Whether we care about first impressions or not, we can’t deny the fact that it influences our opinion. Even though the first impression can be deceiving and we can’t form our opinion on this fact only, we do have to pay attention to it. 

The same can be said about the exterior of a house. If you plan on putting it on the market, you need to improve its curb appeal. The exterior of a house can leave a good first impression if everything is in order. With a few simple tricks, your home can attract positive attention and leave a good first impression on the potential buyer.


Take care of your lawn

A lush lawn catches the attention of anyone who walks by. Properly groomed and nourished lawn can further beautify the exterior of the house. The well-maintained outdoor area is a must if you wish to improve your curb appeal. It goes without saying that in doing the opposite you decrease the beauty of your house. Start by properly watering your lawn. If it’s malnourished, you need to fertilise it to remove yellow spots and provide the nutrient it needs. Next on our list is regular trimming, weed control and with a bit of TLC and regular attention, your lawn will contribute to a positive first impression.


Change what is outdated

Outdated objects like a rusty mailbox, broken roller blinds, rusty windowsills and anything that looks dated should be given a makeover. Anything that has rust on it should be treated and fixed. Once you do this, give it a new coat of paint to make it look new. 

If your mailbox is too rusty to do anything about it, replace it with something modern. It can easily give your entire exterior some personality and wow anyone who goes by. Take care of the windows regularly. Freshen up the paint if you need to and keep them clean. Spotless windows instantly improve your curb appeal.


Fix what is broken

In order to keep up appearances, you need to fix what is broken. A roof is something that is often overlooked but even the slightest damage leads to leaks and even bigger problems. So, take a closer look and consult a specialist like MLR Slate Roofing to suggest the best solution for your roof. Anything from broken shingles to outdated siding can make your exterior look less attractive and poorly taken care of. Updating your roof instantly improves curb appeal and the overall home’s appearance.


Add a splash of colour

A new coat of paint or even a different color can make you feel like you just bought a new house. If you go bold with the colour, your house will look different from other neighboring houses and attract attention. Harsh weather, time, seasonal changes and changes in humidity all influence the exterior of a house and slowly deteriorate it. A fresh coat of paint can also increase the value of your house so think of this project if you are serious about selling it. Apart from this, you should paint the exterior at regular time intervals because the color begins to fade after three years.


The front walk

This is the path that leads to the entrance of your home so you should make it beautiful. If its made of a hard material like concrete and it’s still in good shape, you can add in a few details to make it pop. Plant some flowers along each side or add potted plants. These plants will lead the way to the entrance and make the house look warm and inviting. Add some outdoor solar lamps between each bush or potted plants to illuminate it. Make sure the edges of the walkway are not overgrown in weeds or by the grass. Keep the lawn trimmed and the pathway clean.


The beauty is in the details

When all of the above is done, you can further improve the curb appeal by looking at the details. Clean the windows regularly and the shutters too. If the shutters look a bit outdated and the color is worn out, try painting them in a new shade. You can also add a few window flower boxes and plant seasonal flowers. You can also paint your door in a new shade and add a wreath or other decoration. 

Think of the small changes that can boost the beauty of your exterior and try to accompany them into your overall decor. Invest your time in regular weekly maintenance and your exterior will surely shine.

Mianna Korben

Mianna Korben

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