Exploring Exuma

If you’ve been following my recent journeys you’ve inevitably noticed my nautical expedition with The Moorings, and while I just can’t say enough good things about my experience with them, I also have to share a little more about the paradise that set the stage for this wonderful adventure, The Exumas.

For those of you that don’t know, Exuma, or the string of over 300 Islands that make up “The Exumas” are a wide snapping cluster of Islands that reach the most northern tip close to Nassau and their southernmost island reaches towards Turks and Caicos.

We started our journey on the islands of Nassau and from there set sail mainly south, to explore what would turn out to be a series of the most stunning and remote locations I’ve ever visited.

As we made our way down from Nassau to Rose Island for the night, we had the opportunity to explore a tiny and deserted nearby island Sandy Cay, where the only things we were greeted by were hermit crabs and a truly exceptional sunset and views.



The following day we would set sail to Highbourne Cay where we saw nurse sharks feeding, went for a wonderful Island bike ride, went on the swings that sat over the crystal clear water.

As we made our way along to one of my favourite spots along the journey we came across Norman’s Cay where we snorkelled around the DC10 plane crash, which was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Seeing a crashed plane as you snorkel around it along with the fishes, was amazing.



Next, we Sailed along the way to Staniel Cay where we met the pigs who took some time to eat out of our hand and splash around in the watch with us, from there we made our way to Thunderball Grotto, where the famed Bond scenes were shot and snorkelled under the rock into the epic grotto. It was breathtaking, to say the least.

We also came across a true gem at Staniel Cay, it was a sight to be seen. It was a tiny stretch of beach that faced out into a little bay that was the most turquoise and clear water I’ve ever seen, it was like being in a movie about a dream, but like all things, we had to press on from that one.



After that, we went onshore to explore the town and had drinks at Staniel Cay yacht club, where the infamous Timber video with Pitbull and Kesha was filmed (the bar she’s in front of in the music video)

We sailed to Warderick Wells Cay, where we saw some giant whale bones, and explored more of what the islands of Exuma had to offer.

On our final full day we sailed to Allen’s Cay and went onshore to feed the endangered Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas (only found in Exumas), and our chef Nicole actually fed birds from her hand, again, like something from right out of a movie.



Speaking of film, yes, this is also the area in which the ill-fated Fyre Festival was supposed to take place, and while we chose to not visit the specific areas in which it was to take place and we’re sure remnants are still left over, we did visit close by, and we surely saw what the lure of the area was.

As we made our way back up to Nassau, after weaving our way through as many islands as we could see along the way, I couldn’t help but think of the amazing locations, the adventure that always ensued. The lovely animals, and marine life that greeted us all along the way. The amazing and fresh food we got to enjoy, the truly stunning and almost empty beaches we sunned ourselves on, the crystal clear water that called to us along the way, and those stunning sunsets.



The Exumas has something new, wonderful and exciting to offer around every corner. As you hop from island to islands you not only meet some great locals, you also some meet some really interesting fellow sailing enthusiasts along the way.

What else do you also see, a lot of super yachts? I am all about privacy, so I won’t be sharing any photos of some of the ships we saw along the way but needless to say, we say hundreds of millions of dollars worth of super yachts and this country boy brain was blown out of the water through this entire trip.

What I partly loved about that, was that sailing isn’t just for the super rich, it’s for a lot of different people and while I don’t think I’ll be on a true super yacht anytime soon, explore the Exuma’s with The Moorings was quite honestly the perfect way to do it.



So, if you’re looking for something that’s more than vacation but you’re looking for an epic nautical excursion, I would head down to the Exumas, charter a boat, and let adventure of your life begin.

Happy Sailing!




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