Experience Planet Earth II firsthand with Exodus Travels

David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II has become the most-watched nature show in history and it hasn’t even made it to the USA yet. The BBC show is set to premiere in America on February 18, 2017. Luckily, travelers can experience the far-flung places and curious creatures off the screen with award winning adventure tour operator Exodus Travels. The six episodes cover diverse landscapes across the globe, and Exodus has a trip to every-one.

Like Attenborough and his crew of hearty film-makers and globetrotting story-tellers, Exodus Travels pulls out all the stops to build trips that explore the most peculiar, amazing and awe-inspiring destinations and experiences the world offers. Also in line with the nature documentary’s efforts to protect the natural environment through increased knowledge, Exodus is fiercely committed to responsible tourism, having won multiple world-recognized awards for its community, wildlife and environment project work.

With more than 600 trips throughout all seven continents, avid Planet Earth II fans can follow in the footsteps of all six episodes with Exodus Travels.

Episode 1: Islands

This episode explores the Galapagos Islands’ marine iguanas as they battle racing snakes while fleeing to safety. InPanama the film crew follows the aggressively slow sloth as it searches for a mate. In the Rinca Islands of Indonesia, viewers see the Komodo Dragon’s giant bodies, looking more like weight lifters than lizards, up close.

Episode 2: Mountains

Snow Leopard

High on top of the world’s massive mountain ranges, we see snow leopard’s in Ladakh, golden eagles in the French Alps, grizzlies in Canada’s Rockies andbobcats in Yellowstone National Park.

Episode 3: Jungles

Langur monkeys, Ranthambore

This episode gives us up-close encounters of the lives of 10 animals that call the wild jungles home, including the Indri – Andasibe lemurs of Madagascar, the glass frogs of Costa Rica and the railroad worms in Brazil.

Episode 4: Deserts
Here we see how animals can survive in the most extreme desert climates. For example, the Golden Mole in NamibRand,Namibia, who spends its life under the sand, and has eyes completely covered in fur!

Episode 5: Grasslands
The grasslands are home to the most hostile seasons on the planet, and the creatures living there follow suit with extraordinary survival techniques. This episode follows all kinds, from Swamp Lions in Okavango Delta, Botswana, the Serval Cat in Karoo, South Africa, and the Termite Mounds of Australia.

Episode 6: Cities

Hyena and pup

Cities are home to weird and interesting animals too, which have learned to adapt in perhaps the most foreign environments on earth. This highly conversed episode sees langurs revered in Jodhpur, Peregrine Falcons hunting among theNYC sky-scrappers, wild hyenas living peacefully among Harar, Ethiopia locals and the raccoons of Toronto, Canada, getting into all kinds of trouble.

North Americans don’t have much longer to wait to watch Planet Earth II themselves. It will premier on BBC America, AMC and SundanceTV on February 18, 2017. To learn more about this series and view episode trailers, please visit this link. 

For more information about Exodus Travels, visit exodustravels.com. and Happy travels!



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