Exclusive Interview with Celebrity DJ William Reed


It’s not often you find a DJ so well networked and experienced as DJ William Reed (aka Celebrity DJ). His extremely colourful career as a DJ, party host, presenter, and fashion savvy socialite is one to be admired.

Born in the United States, but raised in Germany, Reed has a unique lens on the party scene. Having experienced parties, celebrities, and music of all kinds he’s often referred to as an “ambassador of music.” Which, is no surprise. He’s has toured with and performed alongside seminal acts across all genres, including Calvin Harris, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Kingʼs of Leon, Pet Shop Boys, Arcade Fire, Guns N Roses, Jimmy Eat World, Adele…. the list goes on and on.

Whether he’s playing a private celebrity party, hosting a radio or award show, or simply enjoying a residency at some of the hottest clubs, one thing is for sure: he knows music. We were lucky enough to chat with him about his passions, experiences, and how he manages to get some R&R.

You made your start in Germany before making your way to LA, what made you decide to hop across the pond for your career?

After finishing high school in Germany, I came back to the States to visit my friends. During that time I got involved as an adjunct promoter in the now legendary desert rave scene of the late 90’s – early 2000’s. I’m talking thousands of people attending illegal sunset to sunrise parties in the middle of nowhere with stacks of Funktion One and Tonka sound systems. These were religious experiences every weekend and really inspired me to get into DJ’ing.

How would you compare the parties in Germany and Europe to those in North America?

It sounds cliché, but in many ways they are so alike and yet so different. Europe has been doing it far longer and it’s just the norm really, isn’t it? In London, Paris or Berlin you have your pick club-wise. Whereas in LA, you have a couple weekend spots otherwise it’s all underground, after hours warehouse parties. Which I think keeps it exciting.

You’ve performed alongside DJs like Kaskade and Calvin Harris, and worked with so many different artists, what’s your networking secret?

I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to play alongside many artists that I have looked up to for so long. Some of them more on the underground end of the spectrum and some more mainstream. I’ve worked as a music TV presenter, radio show host and event promoter, so networking has always been second nature to me really.

What is it about working with celebrities, DJing, and throwing parties that you feel the most passionate about?

I love bringing people together for the sake of good music, getting them dancing and keeping them happy. There’s really nothing else like it. And, living in Hollywood, I’ve been fortunate enough to perform events where you just may run into some of your favorite film and TV stars or musicians.

You’ve done so much in your career and you seem super busy. What do you do to keep grounded? What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

People ask me this all the time, “when do you find time to sleep”. I always make sure I get my eight hours – and I never use an alarm.

Every busy artist has a routine that works for them. Personally, I love going to the cinema every chance I can get. LA is also a very health-conscious city. Over the years I’ve naturally integrated things like yoga, juicing, hiking and meditation into my daily lifestyle and have found them to help keep me grounded and balanced.



Samie Durnford

Samie Durnford

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Samie Durnford