Exclaim! Class of 2019: Little Junior at Horseshoe Tavern

Throughout January, Exclaim! and Toronto promoter Dan Burke has been bringing us concerts featuring up and coming artists to watch out for in the New Year as part of the Class of 2019 series. The final showcase took place January 26th with some local favourites: Little Junior, Good Kid, NOBRO, and Wine Lips.

Bringing the spirit of rock to the Horseshoe Tavern, Wine Lips warmed up the crowd with a loud set full of gritty vocals and lively solos. NOBRO brought incredible energy and musicianship to the stage, while Good Kid had us dancing along to upbeat, catchy hooks. Little Junior closed the show with a punchy set bringing back the nostalgia of classic punk music.


Little Junior Setlist 



Crooked Tooth

Don’t Dream


Buzz Off



Cry Baby

What Do I Get?

Cassandra Popescu